Smart Grid Cybersecurity Village


The Smart Grid Cybersecurity Village is a combination vendor exhibition and Red Team/Blue Team Exercise.  The Red Team will be comprised of volunteer hackers specifically targeting smart grid technologies and applications. The Blue Team will be comprised of vendors and volunteer defenders seeking to detect the malicious activity, protect and defend the smart grid assets.

Essentially a ‘plug fest’ The Smart Grid Cybersecurity Village is an opportunity to:

  • Watch live hacking demonstrations that specifically target smart grid applications and technologies including protection relays, media converters, cellular modems, firewalls, smart thermostats, micro-invertor controllers, remote terminal units, substation automation controllers, etc;
  • See various mitigation strategies and security technologies in action (NO SNAKE OIL HERE);
  • See the interoperability between different technologies;  and
  • Ask peers, vendors, and solution providers how the technologies work and what is required for implementation.

Note 1: All vendor exhibitors showcasing a product are required to participate in the Village with a live demo and must have their technology somehow integrated into the Village’s simulation environment.

For any questions regarding The Smart Grid Cybersecurity Village feel free to contact Nathan Wallace at

Participating Vendors

Technologies Being Demonstrated

Vendor Point of Contact

Variety of data diode solutions allowing for the secure one-way data transfer products to meet a variety of operational needs. Allows you to get information securely out of a NERC classified ESP without the need of having an ERC.