IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit (ILS) is an annual program under the IEEE Women in Engineering, one of the largest communities that strives towards overcoming the problem of under representation of women in the fields of science, engineering and technology.

 IEEE WIE ILS was started back in 2015 in Chennai with the theme ‘Beyond Yourself – Leveraging your Strengths and Breaking Barriers’. The summit gained attention of the global community and saw more than 200 participants in attendance. Since then, IEEE WIE ILS established itself as a platform for women to realize their true potential and excel in their fields of choice. Since 2015, numerous such summits have been organized every year across the globe.

IEEE WIE ILS is renowned for its extensive networking and collaborative opportunities, as well as mentorship to women who wish to further their education or take up a new career path. IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Summits (WIE ILS) provide regional opportunities to foster networking, mentorship, and collaboration. With the leadership and creativity of volunteers, WIE will continue the WIE ILS program in 2020 as part of the portfolio of global initiatives that focus on Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Emerging/Future Technology.

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IEEE WIE Affinity Group of the Madhya Pradesh Section is the proud host of IEEE WIE ILS 2023. The theme of ILS 2023 MP Section is EMBRACING EQUITY WITH LEADERSHIP AND SUSTAINABILITY This Summit aims to raise and disseminate awareness about the importance of equity and leadership qualities for Women, To motivate and encourage young girls and women to enter into leadership roles, To empower women entrepreneurs and nurture women leaders by increasing the number of women interested in technology, innovation, digitalisation, entrepreneurship, and leadership and create opportunities, To facilitate and create awareness of establishing equal opportunities to both the genders, To emphasize the importance of sustainability and create an awareness of SDGs and to train the participants in the latest technologies which contribute in achieving SDGs.


The Women in Space track celebrates the achievements of women in space exploration, highlighting their contributions as astronauts, engineers, scientists, and leaders. It inspires girls and young women to pursue careers in space science and engineering, while addressing the challenges faced by women in the aerospace industry. The track promotes initiatives and opportunities that empower women in this field, including discussions on gender equality in astronaut selection, training, and the importance of inclusivity and diversity. It also focuses on the successes, lessons learned, and future prospects of space missions led by women.

Aims to ignite creativity and inspire the next generation of women leaders to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. IEEE WIE ILS serves as a platform for fostering connections, sharing experiences, and empowering women to make their mark in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. It addresses the unique challenges faced by women in leadership roles within the tech industry and explores strategies for overcoming them. 

 The role of technology is to facilitate better lives and livelihoods and to create better life experiences. A technology that is not inherently inclusive and universal is more divisive than is unifying. In a world that is rife with technology, the value of life must be preserved, and technology must become a social enabler that improves quality of life consistently across all strata of the society. Public-spiritedness is the most important trait of professionalism, which can only be developed through empathy and compassion. The spirit of leadership is only as lively as the humanitarian approach a leader can assume, and thus humanitarian aspect of leadership requires a special focus. As pursuers of science and technology, our urge to thrive with emerging technologies may at times tempt us to not realise that the purpose of science and technology is to serve the society better, to make humans better guardians of the Nature and better saviours of the world. Those among us who realise the power of moral autonomy and decision-making and have a bounden duty to respectfully lead the society into a path of universal, humanitarian welfare. Leadership, particularly in technology, thus must naturally transform individuals into morally responsible leaders acting with due diligence and in the interest of the public at large. This Track in the International Leadership Summit aims at bringing the much-needed attention to humanitarian aspects of leadership, through relevant and insightful talks and panel discussions that open a dialogue conducive to making collective contribution towards betterment of humanity through technology and leadership.

The environment is a huge element linked to climate change due to the impact climate change has on the environment. This means that environmental sustainability is crucial in reducing the impacts of climate change. Environmental sustainability focuses on sustainability within the natural environment. This track is dedicated to create an awareness on ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY. This enlightens on several issues such as Global Warming, Rapid population growth which has resulted in increased farming and manufacturing, leading to more greenhouse gas emissions, unsustainable energy use, and deforestation.This track will be a culmination of several plenary talks, lightning sessions and enlightening lectures on saving our ENVIRONMENT


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