IEEE WIE International

 Leadership Summit 2023 


24-25 November 2023


IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit (ILS)

IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit (ILS) is an annual program under the IEEE Women in Engineering, one of the largest communities that strives towards overcoming the problem of underrepresentation of women in the fields of science, engineering and technology.

The theme is “Women in Future: Approaches to Sustainable Development”

IEEE WIE ILS is renowned for its extensive networking and collaborative opportunities, as well as mentorship to women who wish to further their education, or take up a new career path.

IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Summits (WIE ILS) provide regional opportunities to foster networking, mentorship, and collaboration. With the leadership and creativity of volunteers, WIE will continue the WIE ILS program in 2020 as part of the portfolio of global initiatives that focus on Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Emerging/Future Technology.

IEEE WIE ILS Vizag Bay 2023

IEEE WIE Affinity group of Vizag Bay section is organizing International Leadership Summit 2023 (ILS 2023) during 13-14 November 2023 at Visakhapatnam. The theme of the ILS is “Women in Future: Approaches to Sustainable Development”.

Our Tracks

It is acknowledged that we live in a world where women will lead with innovation, compassion, and resilience by breaking gender barriers. In the realm of innovation and technology, women are set to change the world’s dynamics and make significant strides while contributing their expertise in all the upcoming fields such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, and sustainable energy. Women’s voices will grow stronger in world politics, addressing the policies and practices in the country along with global issues. In the education and healthcare sectors, women will continue to excel as educators, researchers, and healthcare professionals, making significant contributions to the well-being and development of communities worldwide. The coming future for women is bright and provides more promising opportunities for future generations.

Providing women with equal access to opportunities, resources, and decision-making power is highly appreciated. A woman should no longer be a derelict part of the community. Organizations and law enforcement agencies should challenge the stereotypes, eliminate preconceived notions about gender bias, and create a level playing field for everyone. This initiates the utilization of the full potential of the candidates in their respective fields. Building a society that indeed encourages the different interpretations and contributions that individuals of different genders bring upfront is a way to foster a nation’s growth. We deliberate the issues and challenges in such implications, that helps in bringing the gender equality.

It is an acknowledgement that diversity is a nation’s greatest asset, and gender should never be a criteria to judge one’s true potential. Urban mobility plays a crucial role in building a protected environment for women. A safe and secure public transportation system promotes a sense of security and encourages women all around the world to take part in more urban activities without any restrictions or barriers. One should acknowledge the fact that women’s experiences are influenced by many factors in society, such as class, community, and ethnicity. By providing inclusive urban mobility solutions, we empower women to contribute their part to society, which fosters a healthy community for all.
Women have made magnificent strides in the sector of business and entrepreneurship by demonstrating their unique innovation, knowledge, and leadership skills. As entrepreneurs, women bring different perspectives and talents that drive economic growth, foster innovation, and inspire positive change. Their contributions in this sector of business have interpreted a unique sense of diversity and brought about a revolutionary change in the dynamics of entrepreneurship. Empowering women entrepreneurs can unlock a world of new opportunities and boost the overall economy of the country, which greatly contributes to the rise of the global economy.

Women play a vital part in the humanitarian sector. They work relentlessly to foster humanity, promote resilience, and address communities affected by the crisis. Empowering women in humanitarian efforts enhances the sense of compassion and dedication towards the cause, which amplifies the effectiveness of the recovery in the community. Women in humanitarian work also encourage gender equality, ensuring that women’s needs and perspectives are fully recognized and addressed in all stages of crisis management. By supporting and inspiring women in humanitarian work, we can strengthen the global response to emergencies worldwide. Women being confident with their words and perpetuating the ability to inspire, innovate, and persuade through complex challenges makes them impeccable assets to the country. Women in leadership roles encourage diversity in society and introduce a broader spectrum of talents and perspectives to the nation. These women demonstrate empathy, responsibility, and commitment to driving meaningful progress and inspiring future generations to learn from them. Inculcating and embracing leadership qualities in women from a young age is a way to promote a nation’s growth.

These four tracks further classified into nine sessions namely (a) Women rights in 2030: Vision, Mission and agenda for sustainable development, (b) Substantive Gender equality, (c) Gender equality matters Nation’s growth, (d) Gender and Urban mobility, (e) Women power in Industry 4.0, (f) Impact on Gender Specific Indicators – India as a case study, (g) Chronology of Theories of Women empowerment – Technology as an Engine, (h) Climate change – Impacts on Women’s life and (i) India on the Moon-Role of Women

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