General Time Table

Malaysia/ Singapore time zone.

Session 1A: Photovoltaic System

Session chairs: Tan Chee Wei & Razman Ayop

No.Paper IDTitle
11570740675A Single-Phase Multilevel Inverter With Reduced Switch Count for Solar PV Application
21570745708Increasing the Efficiency of Photovoltaic Generation Using Parabolic Reflector
31570740310Performance of the Hybrid Photovoltaic-Thermoelectric Generator (PV-TEG) System Under Malaysian Weather Conditions
41570740917Photovoltaic Emulator Using Particle Swarm Optimization
51570745007Sizing of Photovoltaic Wind Battery System Integrated With Vehicle-To-Grid Using Cuckoo Search Algorithm
61570744374Design and Integration of Valves Controller for Drone Monitored Solar Irrigation System

Session 1B: Power Converters

Session chairs: Naziha Ahmad Azli & Mohd Zaki Daud

No.Paper IDTitle
11570745868Comparison of Efficiency of Double Conversion UPS With LC, LCL and LCL With Damping Resistor Filters
21570739578Design of a Half-Bridge Converter for Self-Adapting Capacitive Wireless Power Transfer
31570744636Multiple Input Single Output Converter With Uneven Load Sharing Control for Improved Efficiency
41570745968Lithium-Ion Cell Balancing Using Auxiliary Battery and DC/DC Unidirectional Converter
51570744406Model Predictive Control for DC-DC Boost Converters
61570740648Phase-Shifted LLC Resonant DC-DC Converter for Battery Charging Application
71570746428IMC-PID Control for Bidirectional Three Phase Active Front End Rectifier for Reference Tracking and Disturbance Rejection Capabilities

Session 1C: Inverters

Session chairs: Shahrin Md Ayob & Nik Din Mohamed

No.Paper IDTitle
11570745551Open Circuit Fault Diagnosis for Multi-Level Inverters Using an Improved Current Distortion Method
21570745901Open Fault Tolerant Method Using DPWM for Reducing Switching Loss in Three-Level Hybrid ANPC Inverter
31570746659Performance Analysis of FCS-MPC Using the Generalized Formulation and Euler Method on Switched-Battery Boost Multilevel Inverter
41570745946Quasi-Z-Source Four-Switch Three-Phase Inverter With Split Capacitor DC-Link Voltage Input
51570740802Single Phase Nine-Level Symmetrical Inverter Topology With Reduced Switch Count and Total Standing Voltage
61570745457Zero-Sequence Circulating Current Suppression in Multi-Paralleled Three-Level NPC Inverters Under Unbalanced Operating Conditions

Session 2A: Energy Conversion 1

Session Chairs: Toh Chuen Ling & NorJulia Mohamad Nordin

No.Paper IDTitle
11570741375Characterization and Optimization of Lattice-Matched InGaAs TPV Cell for Waste Heat Harvesting
21570742195Evaluation of Triboelectric Energy Generators Based on Military Textiles
31570735481Experimental Investigations of FOV for Conventional and Hybrid Cylindrical Spacers in Compressed N2: SF6 Gas Mixture Under AC Voltages
41570740771Novel Method for Estimating State of Health for Lead-Acid Batteries
51570741371Optimization of InGaAsSb Thermophotovoltaic Cell for Waste Heat Harvesting Application
61570743251Simulation and Visualization of Occupancy-Based Energy Consumption in Campus Building Using SCADA Software

Session 2B: Energy Conversion 2

Session chairs: Mohd Junaidi Abd Aziz & Awang Jusoh

No.Paper IDTitle
11570747920A Refined Predictive Torque Control for Two-Level Voltage Source Inverter of Induction Motor
21570751764Coal Fuel Efficiency With Mixed Palm Shell Biomass for Steam Power Plant
31570746408Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta Modulator With Oscillator for Phase Locked Loop Wireless Controlled Power Applications
41570745965Fuzzy Gain Scheduling for Cascaded PI-Control for DC Motor
51570745945Point Absorber With Direct-Drive Power Take-Off System for Low Wave Application
61570745078Reducing Power Loss Considering Massive Charging Station Using Metaheuristic Technique
71570745989Modelling and Analysis of 18-Pulse Rectification System for DC Traction Power Substation

Session 2C: Power Quality and Power System

Session chairs: Lau Kwan Liew & Mohd Rodhi Sahid

No.Paper IDTitle
11570740481Active Power Filtering Solution for Improving Power Quality in Cold Ironed Electric Ships
21570743724Analysis of Droop Control for Emulating Grid Synchronization Mechanism
31570745177Energy Management Strategy and Capacity Planning of an Autonomous Microgrid: A Comparative Study of Metaheuristic Optimization Searching Techniques
41570745931Investigation of Single-Band and Multi-Band Power System Stabilizers Towards Transient Stability Improvement in Electrical Networks
51570744787Review of Market Clearing Method for Blockchain-Based P2P Energy Trading for Microgrid System
61570740303Review on Blockchain Applications and Challenges in Smart Grid
71570745970Stability Analysis in a Grid-Interactive Residential Nanogrid Using Markov Chains