Call for papers

We welcome new and unpublished contributions on:

    Interconnects design & technologies

    • High-speed channels, backplanes, SerDes, memory, DDR interfaces
    • Interconnect and transceiver co-design, equalization
    • Signal & power integrity issues
    • Jitter, noise
    • High-frequency interconnects, packages, antennas-in-package
    • Novel/unconventional interconnect technologies

    Manufacturing and measurement

    • Manufacturing, testing, reliability
    • Measurement techniques

    Packaging and integration

    • Advanced packaging, 3D integration
    • Heterogeneous integration
    • Design of interconnects and packages
    • Quantum systems: interconnection & packaging aspects

    Modeling and simulation

    • Modeling, simulation, computer-aided design
    • Thermal, mechanical, multiphysics modeling
    • ML and AI-based approaches to interconnect and packaging problems

    Download the Call for Papers (PDF)