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IEEE ETCM 2023 aims to provide a comprehensive and highly prestigious venue for academics, engineers and researchers in particular from Ecuador Technical Chapters fields of expertise. The conference covers both theoretical and practical issues related to Antennas and Propagation, Circuits, Systems and Electronics Devices, Communications, Computer and Software Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Systems and Control and Industrial Electronics, Engineering in Medicine and Biology, Power and Energy, Robotics and Automation, Smart Cities and Mobility and Social Issues and Professional Practice.



On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to thank you for attending the 8th IEEE Ecuadorian Technical Chapters Meeting. ETCM 2023, organized jointly by the Universidad Indoamérica, was held in Ambato, Ecuador, October 10-13, 2023.

For its seventh edition, ETCM took place for the first time in the city of Ambato, the “City of Flowers”, which captivated with its Andean charm and mild climate, a city with a rich culture, beautiful mountain scenery and the warmth of its people in this corner of Ecuador.

This year’s program included seven Keynotes Talks presented by world-renowned researchers and ecuadorian industry professionals. In addition, seven Tutorials also were included in the program on the first day of the conference on issues such as digital twins, electrocal power distribution, digital business transformation, analysis of industrial systems, competitive intelligence, entrepreneurship for engineers and communications.

Additionally, we held the second ever Industry Fair held on the event, on October 11 and 12 at the Universidad Indoamérica, in which 12 companies participated. Technological innovations, connecting the professional and academic community in the field of technology, engineering and research. Each of these companies represented a cornerstone in the industry, and their participation in this congress underscored their commitment to technological advancement and collaboration among professionals and academics from across the country.

We also had a great lineup of social activities for everyone: a welcome cocktail in the Hotel Ambato, a cultural evening followed by a traditional dancing of the city. And to close, the gala dinner night at the Quinta-Jardín Eva María, a beautiful space to encourage networking and friendship among researchers and congress participants. 

Muchas Gracias Ambato!

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Discover innovation at the 2nd Industry Fair in the IEEE ETCM 2023. Connect with industry leaders and explore cutting-edge technologies in a unique environment. Industries, don’t miss this must-attend event for those passionate about technology.

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