Welcome to our Virtual Conference!

The comprehensive and integrated segments of this virtual series are designed to facilitate the fast moving evolution of blockchain and AI based solutions in the field of healthcare. Our Leadership Team has created the integrated tracks of this virtual conference within the IEEE Blockchain initiative to maintain strong collaboration and community building as we work to mitigate impacts of the pandemic restrictions through 2021.

As the pandemic eases in the future, some of these virtual segments may be supplemented by limited and geographically coincident IRL participation. All of this content will help accelerate the move toward consistent, scaled, and secure blockchain enabled solutions in the global healthcare industry. Below is a path for you to take action to get involved in this exciting and timely initiative.


Volunteering / Onboarding

Healthcare_Blockchain_AI depends on volunteers to organize and run the virtual series, develop the technical program, review papers, promote attendance and recruit patrons and exhibitors.

  • If you are interesting in volunteering for the program you can find a list of roles and responsibilities here.
  • If you are interested in being on the organizing committee, fill out the application here.
  • If you are interested in being on the program committee or serving as a reviewer, fill out the program committee/reviewer application here.