The scope of conference considers multi- and cross-disciplinary research related to smart grid and grid modernization. lt welcomes the submission of previously unpublished papers that  describe the recent findings and research and development in the following topics:

  • Integration of variable renewable energy and distributed energy resources
  • AC, DC, and AC/DC power systems and microgrids
  • Demand response and demand side management
  • Automation and management of active distribution systems
  • Advancements in ADMS, DERMS, EMS, and OMS solutions
  • Distribution and transmission system coordination
  • Substation modernization and automation
  • Cyber-physical and cybersecurity in smart grids
  • Integration and management of energy storage systems
  • Mass integration of electric vehicles
  • Integration and operation power electronics-interfaced resources
  • Computer modelling and simulation advances
  • Grid resilience management and enhancement
  • Data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in smart grids
  • Communication and real-time connectivity in smart grid
  • Supercomputing and quantum computing in smart grid
  • Interactive buildings and transactive control
  • Low-inertia and inertia-free power systems
  • Future energy markets and energy policy
  • Regulations, standards, and codes for smart grids
  • Business models and ecosystem studies for smart grids
  • Uncertainty management in smart grid planning, forecasting and operation
  • Non-wire alternatives and grid flexibility
  • Case studies from deployment of smart grid technologies around the world

It should be noted that the papers whose topic are close to the above mentioned topics but not explicitly mentioned, are encouraged for submission. Submissions from industry are highly encouraged.

Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore subject to meeting IEEE Xplore’s scope and quality requirements.