Topics of Interest

The theme of ISTAS 2019 is: Technology, Sustainable Development and Ethics

IEEE’s Society on Social Implications of Technology covers all aspects associated with this Symposium.  We have identified five “pillars” as primary focal points:

We welcome submissions on related topics including but not limited to:

  • Sustainable Development (including ICT4D) and Humanitarian Technology
    • Technological and Social Innovation supporting the UN SDGs, including Agriculture and Food Security, Education, Energy and Health
    • Collaborative Open Innovation and Multi-Stakeholder Co-Design
  • Ethics/Human Values (including Socio-Cultural Differences)
    • Ethical Standards, Autonomous Vehicles and Artificial Intelligence
    • Ethical Use of Big Data, Blockchain, Human Genome Editing, IoT, Neurotechnology & Open Data
    • Balancing Personalisation with Personal Privacy
    • Balancing National Security with Personal Privacy
  • Universal Access (including Digital Literacy and 21st Century Skills)
    • Current Challenges in Technology Policy
  • Societal Impacts (including traditionally disadvantaged communities, e.g. indigenous peoples, women, youth, elderly and differently abled)
  • Protecting the Planet (Green Technology)
    • GEOValue, Climate, Environment & Sustainable Technologies