Organising Committee

General Chairs

Keeley Crockett, UK and Sanaz Mostaghim, Germany

Program Chairs

Alice Smith, USA and Carlos A. Coello Coello, Mexico

Finance Chair

Piero Bonissone, USA

Publications Chairs

Dipti Srinivasan, Singapore and Anna Wilbik, Netherlands

Conflict of Interest Chair

Marley Vellasco, Brazil

Registration Chairs

Julia Chung, Taiwan and Steven Corns, USA

Keynote Chairs

Gary Yen, USA and Manuel Roveri, Italy, Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier, France

Tutorial Co-Chairs

Special Session Chair

Marde Helbig, Australia

Submission Chair

Nicolò Navarin, Italy

Local Organizing Chair

Zhen Ni, USA

Travel Grant Chair

Pauline Haddow, Norway

Whova Chair

Albert Lam, Hong Kong

Conference Activities Chair

Bing Xue, New Zealand

Social Event Chair

Jo-Ellen Synder, USA

Publicity Chairs

Jen-Wei Huang, Taiwan, Jialin Liu, China, Joao Carvalho, Portugal and Matt Garrat, Australia