IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in IoT and Smart Cities (IEEE CIIoT)

Internet of things (IoT) is defined as the objects which integrate a variety of devices into networks which transfers information through the internet to provide various solutions. The origination of IoT lead to the high-speed heterogeneous internetworks, and advanced sensors have resulted in a massive growth of data gathering by these devices and sensors put on the Internet. Computational Intelligence (CI) will felicitate to wield the myriad of connected things. IoT based sensors gather high volumes of data which has been used in almost all the applications like health system, business process, predicting share market, financial services, weather prediction, and environmental monitoring. CI plays a critical role to manage huge data flows and storage in the IoT network. As IoT gains its full potential CI will be at the forefront to facilitate the potential of IoT.

Selected contributions of this symposium will be invited to submit expanded versions of their studies to IEEE IoTJ (IF=9.936) for review and potential publication.


This workshop aims to bring researchers from industry and academia working to the application of CI in the following areas (but are not limited to):

  • CI-based Fault Diagnosis for IoT
  • CI-based Scalability Solutions for IoT
  • New Architecture And Protocols Design Of AI Integrated With IoT
  • CI In Security, Privacy, Access Control, and Trust Frameworks Of IoT
  • Resource Management Techniques Using AI for IoT
  • CI Control Schemes in IoT
  • CI-based Smart Data Storage in IoT
  • CI-based Software-Defined Networking in IoT
  • CI Applications in Industrial IoT
  • CI Application in Smart Energy Efficiency
  • CI Application in Smart Grids
  • CI Application in Building Energy
  • CI Applications in Smart City
  • CI Applications in Smart Grid
  • CI Applications in Renewable Energy
  • CI Applications in Green Networks
  • CI-based Intelligent Transport System
  • CI Applications for Environment Systems
  • CI Applications for Water Management Systems
  • CI Application in Smart Farming and Supply Chain.
  • CI Applications in Health Monitoring
  • CI Application in Connected Health

Symposium Chairs

Amir H. Gandomi
University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Mahmoud Daneshmand
Stevens Institute of Technology, USA
Honggang Wang
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA

Programme Committee

Mohammad Mukhtaruzzaman, University of Oklahoma
Anirudh Paranjothi, University of Oklahoma
Ashwin Viswanathan, Kannan Oklahoma State University
Goutam Mylavarapu, Murray State University
Mounika Kasaraneni, Oklahoma State University
Sandeep Verma, National Institute of Technology , Jalandhar
Satnam Kaur, NIT, Jalandhar
Richa Singh, NIT, Allahabad
Naveen Kumar, University Polytechnic Hauts -de- France
Diwaker Pant Tulas, Institute of Technology, Dehradun, india
Parminder Singh, Lovely Professional University
Behshad Mohebali,  Florida State University
Soheil Hosseini, John Hopkins University
Rizwan Patan, Velagapudi Ramakrishna Siddhartha Engineering College
Somula Ramasubbareddy, VNRVJIET
Hemant Gianey Thapar, Institute of Engineering 
Kshira Sagar Sahoo, SRM University, AP, India
Laksha Ramasamy, Hindusthan College of Eng & Tech
Dr. Sudhir Kumar, IIT Patna