Special Session: Hybrid Intelligent Models and Applications

Hybrid Intelligent Systems (HIS) combine at least two intelligent technologies: Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, and Genetic Algorithms. Each of these methodologies has advantages and disadvantages and many problems have been solved. However, many real-world complex and industrial problems require the integration of several of these techniques to really achieve the efficiency and accuracy needed in practice. This session will include papers dealing with methods for integrating the different HIS methodologies in solving real-world problems. The Special Session will consider applications on the following areas: Robotic Dynamic Systems, Non-linear Plants, Manufacturing Systems, Pattern Recognition, Medicine and Time Series Prediction. Hybrid Intelligent models offer advantages when a prudent combination of methods is performed and in this case, can be a powerful tool in solving complex problems. This Special Session is being organized as one of the main activities of the Task Force on Hybrid Intelligent Systems of the NNTC (https://cis.ieee.org/technical-committees/neural-networks-technical-committee).

This special session aims to promote research on hybrid neural intelligent models all over the world and provides innovative approaches for solving real problems. 

The topics include but are not limited to:

  • Hybrid Neural Systems, 
  • Neuro-Fuzzy Systems, 
  • Genetic Neural Systems, 
  • Neuro Fuzzy Genetic Systems
  • Hybrid Intelligent models for application on Pattern Recognition, Time Series Prediction, Control and Medicine.

Organizers: Eduardo Gomez-Ramirez, Patricia Melin