Anna Romaniuk

Antoanna Romaniuk has over 30 years of engineering experience that has spanned the commercial & defense industries, start-ups, small and large businesses, avionics, and telecommunications. During her career, she has held a number of engineering and leadership positions. She has spent the last ten years working in the cybersecurity industry. She is currently a Cyber Systems Engineer at ReflexiveConcepts.

Mrs. Romaniuk is a senior member of IEEE and she has been involved with many facets of IEEE, including WIE, Big Data Community, System Council, Consultants Network, Communication Society, Computer Society, and System, Man, and Cybernetics Society, IEEE USA Committee on Communications Policy, and Cyber-Security Initiative and IEEE Technology Policy Activities. She is currently the Chair of the IEEE Region 2 Employment & Career Activities Committee and serves as a member of Diversity in the US Workforce Ad Hoc, IEEE-USA committee.

Mrs. Romaniuk holds a Master of Science degree in Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics from the Warsaw Technical University and a Master of Science degree in Project and Organizational Management from the Johns Hopkins University. Outside of IEEE, she is active in the ISOC, Maryland Film Festival, and PMP.