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2022 IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) Forum USA East 

Program - Thursday, Nov 03

Registration: 3:00pm - 6:00pm (Grand Foyer)
Networking Reception: 4:30pm-6:30pm (Grand Foyer)
6:00pm-9:30pmSocial Event Providence Ghost Tour (See page for registration details)

Program - Friday, Nov 04

7:00am-4:30pmRegistration (Grand Foyer)
7:15am - 9:00amBreakfast Buffet (Grand Ballroom Salons III-V)
8:00am-8:10amOpening Remarks:
Charlotte Blair and Felicia Harlow
2022 WIE Forum USA East Conference Co-Chairs
(Grand Ballroom Salons III-V)
8:15am-8:25amWelcome: Jenifer Castillo, 2022 IEEE Women In Engineering Chair (Grand Ballroom Salons III-V)
Track 1: Professional Growth
Track 2: Empowerment
Track 3: Leadership
8:30am-9:00am"How to Be Persuasive Rather than Abrasive"
Shere Tuckey,
Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)
"The Science of Partnering"
Theresa Caragol, Achieve Unite, Inc.
"Growing Leadership Skills and Recognition Organically"
Carrie Root,
Alpha UMI
9:05am-9:35am"Female Entrepreneurship; Opportunities and Challenges"
Abir Chermitti
Elle Media Empire, LLC
9:35am-10:10amCOFFEE BREAK & EXHIBITS (Grand Foyer)
"Women Leading Innovation with Defense Careers"
Moderator: Molly Magee, Executive Director, SENEDIA
Marie Bussiere, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy
Ellen Ferraro, Vice President of Engineering & Mission Assurance, Raytheon
Kelly Mendell, President, MIKEL Undersea Warfare Systems
(Grand Ballroom III-V)
10:50am-11:20am"Adding Technical back into Design Reviews: 3 Alternatives to Bulleted Slide Decks"
Dianna Deeney,
Deeney Enterprises, LLC
"Removing the Mask: Living with Imposter Syndrome"
Julie Smith,
Air Force Research Laboratory (ARFL)
"Inclusive Leadership Frameworks"
NeeNee Shin & Kendra Sheehan,
Sensata Technologies
11:25am-11:55pm"Building Confidence and Belonging in the Classroom/ Workplace"
Allison Marn
Roger Williams University
12:00pm-12:30pm"Continuous Learning through Social Media and Technical Influencers"
Amanda Weissman,
Lockheed Martin
"To Go or Not to Go: Embarking on the Glass Cliff"
LaTasha Taylor Starr,
Texas A&M University
"Global Innovative Technology Trends for 2030"
Rhonda Farrell
CEO, Global Innovative Strategies
12:30pm-2:00pmKEYNOTES LUNCHEON Grand Ballroom Salons III-V
1:00pm-1:25pmLunch Welcome:
Deborah Cooper, 2022 IEEE-USA President
Karen Panetta, Dean of Graduate Education, School of Engineering at Tufts University
1:25pm-2:00pmLunch Keynote:
Ellen Ferraro, Vice President of Engineering and Mission Assurance, Raytheon Intelligence & Space
"Finding Your Voice, Forging a Unique Career Path through Disruptions and Change"
2:05pm-2:35pm"How to Use Your Passions to Drive and Sustain a Successful Career"
Mary Quinn,
"Negotiating Your Future"
Kristy Swegheimer, Qualus
"Sustainability in Energy - The Race to Net Zero in the Northeast US"
Moderator: Carol Sedewitz, VP Electric Asset Management & Engineering - NE
Natasha Deschene VP, Electric Asset Management & Engineering
Patricia Dorsch Principal Environmental Engineer
Caroline Hon, VP, Gas Network Strategy & Planning
Reihaneh Irani-Famili, VP Clean Energy Development & Infrastructure Investment
Career Fair (Grand Foyer)  (2:00PM - 4:30PM)
"Brainstorming: The Solution to Structured Problem Solving"

Emily Haidemenos,
Sensata Technologies
"IEEE Baltimore Robot Challenge & Meeting the Challenges of COVID for STEM Activities"
Don Herres, South Area Chair, IEEE Region 2
Anna Romaniuk, Cyber Systems Engineer ReflexiveConcepts
3:15pm-3:45pm "You are dismissed: Implications of the Imposter Phenomenon for Women Leaders in STEM and Recommendations for Organization Intervention"
Janine Mator,
"Patent Monetization" William Fowlkes,
Treasurer, IEEE Region 1
3:45pm-4:15pmCOFFEE BREAK & EXHIBITS (Grand Foyer)
"Leading Transformation through a Time of Disruption"
Claudia Chandra, Chief Product Officer and VP, Rockwell Automation
Grand Ballroom Salons III-V
4:50pm-5:20pmClosing Keynote
Grand Ballroom Salons III-V
Reihaneh Irani-Famili, Vice President of Clean Energy Development and Infrastructure Investment, National Grid
5:20pm-5:35pmDaily Wrap-up (Grand Ballroom)
Charlotte Blair and Felicia Harlow
2022 WIE Forum USA East Conference Co-Chairs

Program - Saturday, Nov 05

7:00am-10:00amRegistration (Grand Foyer)
7:15am-9:00amBreakfast Buffet (Grand Ballroom Salons III-V)
8:15am-9:00am"Your Career: Are You in Control or is it Controlling You?"
Anna Romaniuk, Cyber Systems Engineer ReflexiveConcepts
Holly Cyrus, Project Manager | Federal Aviation Administration
Don Herres, Lead Electrical Engineer | Marine Dolphin Enterprises (Career Part 1)
Track 1: Professional Growth
Track 2: Empowerment
Track 3: Leadership
"Writing Skills for Engineers"
Janine Love,
WORKSHOP (Career Part 2)
"Land your Dream Job by Updating Your LinkedIn Profile"
Anna Romaniuk, Cyber Systems Engineer ReflexiveConcepts
Holly Cyrus, Project Manager | Federal Aviation Administration
Don Herres, Lead Electrical Engineer | Marine Dolphin Enterprises
"Making a Difference in a Future of Convergences"
Susan Bales,
Cape Fear Labs
9:40am-10:10am"Using Systems Thinking in Cross Functional Teamwork to Create Innovation"
Julia Taylor,
Taylor Success Systems
10:15am-10:45amCOFFEE BREAK & EXHIBITS (Grand Foyer)IEEE Women In Engineering Networking Coffee Break Meet/Greet WIE R1/R2/R3 WIE Leaders (Bristol B)
"Service, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Messages from IEEE Leaders"
Greg Godowski, IEEE R1 Director
Ed Palacio, 2022 IEEE-USA President- Elect
Mary Ellen Randall, IEEE Treasurer
Grand Ballroom Salons III-V
"How to Take the WIE Forum Back to your Workplace"
Moderator: Theresa Caragol, Achieve Unite
Panelists: IEEE Volunteers & Conference Attendees
Grand Ballroom Salons III-V
12:15pm-12:45pmForum Wrap-up
Charlotte Blair and Felicia Harlow
2022 and 2023 WIE Forum USA East Committee