Charles Rubenstein

Charles is the Region 1 Conferences Coordinator and a Member-Emeritus of the Technology and Engineering Management Society AdCom. In addition to being our Forum Treasurer, he is also Chair or Treasurer of several other IEEE conferences and co-coordinator of other Joint R1/R2 projects including Sections Congress events and Boolean Girl Workshops.  He has been a Computer Society distinguished lecturer and made mobile app design, HTML, leadership and S-PAC presentations throughout the US and in several countries.

He was 2010-2011 IEEE Director and Region 1 Chair (NE USA) and has also served as a member of the IEEE’s Educational Activities Board, Member and Geographic Activities Board, Publications Products and Services Board, Technical Activities Board, and United States Activities Board.

Dr. Rubenstein is professor of engineering and information science at Pratt Institute where he teaches electronics and math, physics, Arduino computer design courses for non-engineering students in the architecture, art and design schools.