Welcome to the 2024 IEEE Women In Engineering International Leadership Summit!

The 2024 IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Summit, hosted in Dubai on 25-April-2024, is dedicated to fostering mentorship, facilitating networking, promoting collaboration, and providing training opportunities. The Summit specifically focuses on women’s leadership, empowerment, entrepreneurship, and disruptive/emerging technology.

Spotlight on Speakers!


Dr. Eesa Mohammed Al Bastaki, led his efforts to create a vital system in the telecommunications and information technology industry in the UAE by encouraging entrepreneurship, financing scientific projects, supporting scholarships, and implementing communications and information technology initiatives. He received his PhD (1989) from the University of California, Irvine, USA. Dr. Al Bastaki is the president of the University of Dubai, and has held multiple academic, directing and managing roles throughout his career. He is the Honorary Chair of the IEEE UAE Section, has participated in hundreds of events, has held various prestigious roles, and was acknowledged with several awards and recognitions including winning the prestigious Emirates Excellence Award in Sciences, Literature and Arts in 2009, which is the highest award in the UAE.


Prof. Amany AlShawi, a visionary leader with over two decades of experience, is renowned for her strategic acumen and commitment to driving impactful initiatives across diverse sectors. Currently serving as the Advisor to HE King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) President for Sustainable Development Goals, she has held pivotal roles at  KACST, including deputy director of communication and information technology research institute and VP of Strategy and Enterprise Excellence Affairs. Prof. AlShawi’s career highlights include the establishment of the Women Role-Enhancement Program and her is a member of the IEEE WiE R8 in KSA, both dedicated to empowering women in technology and engineering fields. With a distinguished academic background, she has significantly advanced research, particularly in cybersecurity and IoT domains. Her contributions are evidenced by over 40 scientific publications.

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Dr. Majida Al Azazi, Founder & Chairwoman of M Glory Holding, is a pioneer in the  UAE’s automotive industry. As the first Emirati woman with a DBA in Supply Chain  Management and Manufacturing from UAE University, she pioneered car manufacturing  in 2018 and expanded into electric vehicles in 2022, becoming the first woman in the  Middle East to own such factories. Her leadership extends across various companies,  including Sandstorm Motor Vehicles Manufacturing LLC and Office Touch Furniture  Factory. Inspired by UAE leaders, she champions new fields and sustainable projects,  aligning with her commitment to environmental stewardship. With memberships in  esteemed councils and research on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Dr. Al Azazi’s  impact resonates through her innovative ventures and dedication to national progress.



Dr. Hanaa Abumarshoud is an Assistant Professor in the James Watt School of Engineering, the University of Glasgow, UK. Prior to that, she was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the LiFi Research and Development Centre at the University of Strathclyde (2020-2022) and the University of Edinburgh (2017-2020). She was awarded her PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2017 from Khalifa University, UAE. She was endorsed as “Global Talent” by the Royal Academy of Engineering in the UK in 2022, and as a “High Level Foreign Talent” by the Chinese Government in 2023. Dr Abumarshoud is a Senior Member of IEEE and an Associate Editor for IEEE Communications letters. She was recipient of IEEE TAOS Best Paper Award in 2022.

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