The WiSEE 2021 conference will feature a number of workshops, including:

Space-Terrestrial Internetworking (under the DTN umbrella)

STINT 2022 Call for Papers: [Download Call for Papers]

The Space-Terrestrial Internetworking (STINT) Workshops addresses emerging technical topics related to data exchange between and amongst space-based and terrestrial network nodes. Such communications systems accept space assets as first-class nodes performing common network functions including stateful packet inspection, routing, management, and security.
Bringing together some of the most influential members of the field of data transfer between space and terrestrial nodes via delay-tolerant networks with time-varying topologies, STINT seeks contributions with a clear focus on packetized, multi-path, and multi-hop data exchange between and among space-based and terrestrial (plus planetary) network nodes.


Space Solar Power (SSP)

SSP 2022 Program: [Download Call for Participation]

This workshop offers a forum for researchers, developers, and policy-makers to discuss SSP technologies, to advance the state of the art, to discuss supporting and related technical issues, and to take necessary actions. Accepted papers will be published at IEEExplore and presented at the workshop. The workshop accepts abstracts + talks and papers + talks. Papers should be submitted online and follow WiSEE 2021 format and submission approach.

SmallSats in Space

Over the past few decades, SmallSats have played a major role in Canada through scientific, Earth-observation, and commercial missions. The “SmallSats in Canada” workshop invites Canadian researchers and engineers to present both lessons learned from previous missions and technological advancements for current and future missions. We welcome presentations on power, attitude control, autonomous operations, communication subsystems, and sensor technologies for operating in extreme environments both in low-Earth-orbit and beyond. In particular, we encourage participation from students working on the Canadian CubeSat Project and Canadian Satellite Design Challenge. 

Abstracts should be sent to Dario Schor ( by Sept 15, 2022. Accepted abstracts will be assigned a 20-min slot to present their work in-person at the WiSEE 2022 conference in Winnipeg, Canada.