University of Adelaide

The Electrical and Electronic Engineers Society of Adelaide University (EEESAU) has been IEEE’s student branch at The University of Adelaide since 2000. It was established to serve and assist the EEE student cohort with their studies and future engineering prospects. Hosting and running events which promote professional values, as well as social events for networking amongst students and industry, EEESAU continues to enrich the University experience of all EEE students.


University of South Australia

The University of South Australia (UniSA) IEEE Student Branch aims to accommodate STEM-specific opportunities for students through community engagement. Having been established recently, the club has seen a significant increase in growth and recognition. Offers programs, activities, and professional networking opportunities to assist in both personal and career development. The branch is composed of regular members, an executive committee, and a Women in Engineering (WiE) affinity group.

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Committee Members

  • Chair: Binu Sumanadasa
  • Vice-Chair: Aimee Mettke
  • Secretary: Ridma Kondasinghe

Flinders University

Flinders University encourage and support engineering students, including those with a deep passion for Electrical and Electronic engineering. Although an IEEE branch hasn’t been established as of yet, the student-run club Flinders University Society of Engineers (FUSE) is responsible for representing undergraduate students, as well as providing professional support in their studies. Riley Spencer is an EEE student as well as a member of FUSE, and is also the student representative for Flinders at IEEE-related events.

FUSE works closely with several industries and professionals in the EEE field. In the past, FUSE have hosted industry tours with companies such as REDARC, as well as workshops and networking events. The club has also worked closely among professionals such as Sherry Randhawa (an active IEEE member) to organise and host EEE events. Check out our social media platforms to see what we’ve been up to!