The Unversity of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide (UoA) unites and serves those striving to change the world—and themselves—for the better. It’s a place where history is made.

Established in 1874, UoA is home to over 29,000 students and 3,000 staff, all striving to create progress. For our community. For all.

This is a university of outstanding quality—ranked among the top 1% globally—in the heart of Australia’s most liveable city*.

UoA has made a habit of breaking new ground. UoA was Australia’s first university to welcome female students. The first to offer degrees in science and business. The first with a conservatorium of music.

Among those who’ve studied, taught, or conducted research here are five Nobel Laureates; Australia’s first female prime minister; the first Australian astronaut to walk in space; Australia’s first female Supreme Court judge.

And UoA bold spirit continues to drive it to excel today. In research, UoA is rising to challenges in a huge range of fields—with work universally rated world-standard or above. While in education, UoA is recognised among the top 100 universities globally in 23 different subject areas.

The Braggs lecture theatre

The Braggs is a modern 420-seat lecture theatre at UoA with excellent AV facilities and a large foyer which is perfect for catering ANZSCON.

The University of Adelaide
The Braggs Building, Room G60
Victoria Drive, Adelaide, SA 5000

Floor plan