• IEEE Blockchain Transactive Energy (BCTE) Position Paper

IEEE Blockchain-Enabled Transactive Energy

We have created and released a comprehensive Position Paper to serve as a catalyst for advancing the work on this BCTE initiative.

The work that is now advancing ideas from this paper falls into three distinct but coordinated workgroups, which are listed below:

WorkGroup No.WorkGroup NameWorkGroup ChairWorkGroup GoalsOTHER
1Architecture Claudio LimaFormally establish Architecture Development Workgroup #1
• Framing presentation developed
• Create reference framework for currently deployed energy blockchain architectures.
• Identify current standards and gaps against these standards (or need for new ones)
• Coordinate volunteer revisions of Position Paper.
2DemonstrationJames KempfFormally establish Demonstration Development Workgroup #2
• Identify Demo Portfolio Strategy, with allocated Budget
• Issue Demo Proposal Forms (target 3 per week)
• Evaluate and Administer Selected Demo Proposals
• Author demonstration one pagers and develop conference materials.
3CommunicationHunter AlbrightFormally establish Communiction/Outreach Workgroup #3
• Develop podcast speaker engagements and publish.
• Coordinate Website Redesign
• Identify suitable conference venues and secure speaking slots. Archive video content.
• Coordinate with Marketing for Outreach and Volunteer enrollment and engagement.

To participate, please contact us and we will send a survey to match your interests with the initiative.

This virtual event series will be leveraging the new digital world that the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated, to discuss Blockchain enabled solutions and their impact on the Power and Energy segments of our societies. Due to this rapidly changing global ecosystem, now is the perfect time to explore new methods of coming together and advancing these technologies as a virtually connected community.

Through podcasts, virtual keynotes and industry forums, digitally curated poster competitions, globally connected standards collaborations and publications, this series is aiming to deliver actionable discussions from all aspects of the application of Blockchain within the Power and Energy industry.


Important Dates


  • Coming in August! CIGRE Joint Panel Workshop | DAY 4 August 31st, 2022   14:00 – 16:00

This panel will provide an overview and updates on the most recent industry and academic trends on blockchain energy topics.  There will be five panelists, who will each give a ten minute presentation from each.  This will be followed by questions from the floor.  The total time for the seminar is 2 hours and the seminar is timed to provide relatively comfortable remote access for Europe and the Americas.


  • NEW! BCTE Phase 2 Demonstration Funding Opportunity | Submit Proposal by July 1st, 2022


  • RECENT CONFERENCE EVENTS: 25-29 July 2021 | IEEE PES General Meeting
      BCTE Workshop
  • Wednesday, July 28th, 2021 | 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM
    Session Title: IEEE PES GM 2021 Blockchain in Energy Virtual Workshop content archived and available for registered participants


Sponsors, Patrons, and Endorsements

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