IEEE Blockchain Enabled Transactive Energy

Program Overview

IEEE Blockchain Initiative in conjunction with the Future Directions Blockchain NIC Initiative is proud to announce a series of regionally diverse virtual forums for the exciting field of Blockchain enabled Transactive Energy for the domain of Electrical Power and Energy application development. The program has four specific work threads currently under development, each led by a BCTE core team member:

  • Systems and Architecture (Claudio Lima)        * overall systems design   * architectural framework development
  • Solutions, Applications and Benefits  (Farrokh Rahimi)           * prioritization of use cases  * development of frameworks to demonstrate and establish benefits  * development of solution designs for prioritized use cases   * execution of pilot projects  * rapid demonstration and expansion of user profiles
  • Outreach and Engagement  (Terence Martinez)             * prioritization of events    * leading internal and external communications


Volunteer Tracks

The initiative is growing and could use your help! The technically-oriented can help us evolve the BCTE Position Paper, and feed the derivation of the Architecture roadmap. This work will also help to structure the technical elements of emerging demonstrations, and will ultimately inform the concurrent IEEE Standards Association work of 2418.5

There is also much to do in the area of “packaging” this work and making it accessible and useful to a wide variety of industry, government, and academic users for applied technology in a variety of use cases. This broadly falls into the  category of Marketing support for the production of the technical content.

Finally, the BCTE program goal relies on support for demonstration development and building the channels of engagement from the broader communities.