IEEE Blockchain Transactive Energy Call for Proposals

COMING SOON  (Solicitation window runs from 5/1-7/1)

Call for Proposal Submission for the 2022 IEEE Blockchain Transactive Energy Demonstration Project

What is this about:  The IEEE BCTE is a strategic IEEE Blockchain Initiative, sponsored by the IEEE Future Directions, under an approved NIC proposal to advance the field of transactive energy as enabled through foundational blockchain applications. One key to sustainable outreach, engagement, and contribution to the BCTE program is in assembling sponsored demonstrations of possible use cases that can show the efficacy of moving existing processes to the blockchain.

What we are looking for:  IEEE BCTE is looking for innovative proposals from start-ups, utilities, nonprofits, or university research labs (individually or teamed) that have a working prototype which can be used by the IEEE BCTE initiative to promote and disseminate the knowledge of blockchain DLT solutions applied to Transactive Energy Markets.

  • Categories:
    • Large companies/utilities
    • Small companies, nonprofits, startups, and academic research labs

Awards will be split between the two depending on the number of submissions.

  • Awards are given to teams.
    • Teams can consist of multiple organizations like startup and a utility with one person designated as principal investigator.
    • Team can only submit under one category.

How should we submit a Proposal:  Here are some guidelines for how to shape your proposal:  Submit via email t0:

  • All communications should be through email and clearly state the following:
    • We are looking for BCTE demos, not general blockchain in energy use case demos.
    • Submitters must clarify what part of a BCTE system their proposal will address. (MARK UP ATTACHED ARCHITECTURE DIAGRAM)
    • Submitters must clarify in their submission what state the proposal is in.
      • Partially complete vs. complete. (Both are acceptable – we just need to know).
  • In addition to the completed one page submission form (accessed here), email submission must include:
    • A 500 word description of the proposal. (Attached Word or PDF)
    • The one page system architecture diagram (Attached PNG or PDF, marked up from diagram template if possible).
    • A high level project outline demonstrating timeline for key deliverables (defined below).
      • A paper on the finished project and demo video that will be published on this BCTE web page.
      • All projects should plan an update for participation in the Nov. World Blockchain workshop.
      • A short paper that will be published in an IEEE journal by year end.
    • An estimate of the Technology Readiness Level. (start and end TRL)

Where should I learn more about this:   The BCTE team has established a short submittal form that will help the evaluation and potential inclusion of demonstration project ideas into a growing portfolio of Use Cases that support this workgroup goal. After reviewing the BCTE Position Paper, and identifying any possible demonstrations that you could help organize, please complete and submit BCTE 2022 Demo Proposal Form  if interested in applying.

What are the selection criteria:  The selection criteria for the proposals are the following: 1) clearly describes an innovative solution utilizing BCTE to address one or more of the hard problems in grid transformation outlined in the IEEE BCTE position paper ( 2) a plan for the further development of the prototype to address any technical issues standing in the way of commercial deployment and 3) a plan for disseminating the results after the project is complete in order to achieve maximum impact.

What are the awards/compensation for this selected proposal:  The IEEE BCTE will fund accepted proposals with a maximum amount of US $10,000.00 per proposal in 2022.

Proposal Deadline for 2022:  To be considered for this first round please submit your proposal by June 1st, 2022 (11:59 pm US Eastern Time)

When will I get notified about my proposal acceptance If you have been accepted the notification will be sent to you no later than July 1st 2022 to process the documentation and agreements with the IEEE BCTE. This may include a request for a short presentation to the BCTE Demonstration Workgroup that should include the previously submitted high level architecture diagram.


REFERENCE FROM 2021 Program Launch (now closed):

Congratulations to our first five awarded 2021 demonstration developers! More detail available below on these initial projects.

IEEE Blockchain enabled Transactive Energy