Conference Areas of Interest

What is the conference about?

IEEE ETHICS-2023 will draw together the global community of technology and ethics practitioners and theoreticians from industry, academia, government, and civil society. Issues will be explored from industry, scientific and societal perspectives, in a global and multicultural manner. ETHICS-2023 is a conference of the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT) (series originally launched in 2014). ETHICS-2023 is co-sponsored and hosted by the National Institute for Engineering Ethics in the School of Engineering Education at Purdue University, a leading land grant university with top-ranked engineering, technology, and computing programs, and an expansive portfolio of sponsored research and engagements in the ethics and policy realms.

The triple helix model of innovation was introduced in the 1990s, developed to theorize and understand interactions between academia, industry, and government. Since then, scholars have expanded it to include additional strands or sectors, including society or the public (quadruple helix) and the natural environment (quintuple helix). The conference theme, “Ethics in the Global Innovation Helix,” underscores questions about the role and place of ethics and related concerns (e.g., social responsibility, social justice, regulatory compliance, etc.) in interactions between these strands, especially in ongoing processes of technology innovation, diffusion, evolution, and maintenance.

ETHICS-2023 Conference Topics include:

  • Global Innovation Helix and UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Innovation and Engineering Ethics Education
  • The Climate Change Innovation Helix
  • Role of Professional Engineering Societies in Ethics Innovations
  • Corporate/Industry Perspectives on Ethics, Compliance, and Innovation
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Innovation Helix
  • Technology Innovation and Justice
  • Ethics in a Quintuple Helix Model of Knowledge
  • Innovation for Digital Responsibility
  • Use and (misuse) of Ethics Expertise in AI Innovation
  • The Future of Socially Responsible Innovation
  • Other topics with significant relevance to engineering ethics or ethical issues in technology

For complete details about ETHICS-2023 Topics of Interest, visit the Call for Papers.