Logo by Katie Jo Wright

Katie Jo Wright’s design background began from being a constant doodler. Her illustrative style is whimsical and often humorous. Mainly working with pen and ink, she creates iconic images of the places and people that surround her. Katie Jo’s illustrations impart feelings of belonging. She believes images and stories are branded in our lives and connect us to an inclusive clan of others. Identifying and drawing those images that connect people is a passion for Katie Jo. Logo design of course became an obvious area to branch into. Learning to utilize digital tools, Wright has strengthened her ability to help share these icons across web and print.

The FUZZ-IEEE logo was designed with this focus in mind. The bridge in the logo doubles as the Crescent City Connection (CCC), the twin cantilever bridges that carry US HWY 90 over the Mississippi River in New Orleans, and also as a nod to the visual representation of a fuzzy set. The ornate gas lantern as seen all throughout the city, and the masquerade mask, are popular images of the life and culture in New Orleans.