Congratulations to the best paper award winners of the IEEE PES ISGT-Europe 2021 conference. The list of award winners is available as follows.

A simplified approach to model grid-forming controlled MMCs in power system stability studiesJuan Carlos Gonzalez-Torres, Rayane Mourouvin, Kosei Shinoda, Ahmed Zama and Abdelkrim Benchaib
Experimental measurement of frequency-dependent component impedances of grid-forming inverters in islanded microgridsSandor Simon, Philipp Linnartz, Alexander Winkens, Sriram Gurumurthy and Antonello Monti
A Voltage-Sensorless Controller for Grid ConvertersJarno Kukkola, Mikko Routimo, Marko Hinkkanen and Lennart Harnefors
Technical requirements for practical implementation of fault passage indicationAmir Farughian, Lauri Kumpulainen, Kimmo Kauhaniemi, Seppo Pettissalo and Ville Sallinen
Comparison of Smart Charging and Battery Energy Storage System for a PV Prosumer with an EVLisa Calearo, Charalampos Ziras, Kristian Sevdari and Mattia Marinelli
A Decade of Time-Synchronized Measurements in Romania – Technology, Applications, and BenefitsGregary Zweigle, Jared Bestebreur, Ciprian Hosu, Diego Rodas, Florin Balasiu and Anamaria Iamandi
Adaptive Multi-Agent System and Mixed Integer Linear Programming Optimization Comparison for Grid Stability and Commitment Mismatch in Smart GridsSharyal Zafar, Vishwajeet Maurya, Anne Blavette, Guy Camilleri, Hamid Ben Ahmed and Marie-Pierre Gleizes
Intelligent Web-platform for Enabling Microgrids and Energy SharingShievam Kashyap, Christoph Schaffer, Christoph Muck and Christoph Plank
Impacts of electric heat pumps and rooftop solar panels on residential electricity distribution gridsChristian van Someren, Martien Visser and Han Slootweg
Bad Cell Identification of Utility-Scale Battery Energy Storage System through Statistical Analysis of Electrical and Thermal PropertiesA S M Jahid Hasan, Jubair Yusuf, Luisfernando Enriquez-Contreras and Sadrul Ula
Prosumer Control Strategy for A Robust Microgrid Energy Management SystemSamuel Mumbere Kihembo, Yutaka Sasaki, Naoto Yorino, Yoshifumi Zoka, Atsushi Fukuhara, Ahmed Bedawy and Yoshiki Tanioka
Comparison of AC Optimal Power Flow Methods in Low-Voltage Distribution NetworksAgnes Nakiganda, Shahab Dehghan and Petros Aristidou
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Modeling Market-Oriented Grid User Behavior in Active Distribution GridsJacob Tran, Lutz Gajewski, Nitty Varghese, Pascal Pfeifer, Simon Krahl and Albert Moser
Day-ahead Optimization of Frequency Containment Reserve for Renewable Energies and StorageStefan Möws, Béla Wiegel and Christian Becker
Three-phase Linear State Estimation Based on SCADA and PMU MeasurementsRamtin Khalili and Ali Abur