The IEEE ISTAS 2023 Program incorporates a mix of keynote presentations, interactive plenary panels, paper sessions and professional development workshops, which are aligned with SSIT’s Technical Activities.

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Keynote Speakers

Keynote Presentations include:

  • Cycles of Development and Artificial Intelligence in Systems of Survival, Prof. Sajda Qureshi, University of Nebraska
  • The Role of Engineering and Technological Innovation in Addressing Societal Challenges, Miriam Cunningham, IEEE Humanitarian Technology Board
  • Mobile Payment App Use for Digital Financial Inclusion: Affordances, Constraints, and Cross-country Cultural Influences, Prof. Raghav Rao, University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Navigating Tensions between Indigenous Communities and Global Development Partners: Reflections on 25 Years of Fieldwork in East Africa, Mr. Abdalla Badhrus, Muslim Education & Welfare Association, Kenya


Plenary Panelists are participating from a wide range of IEEE OUs (including IEEE President, IEEE Division 6 Director, Presidents and senior representatives from Solid State Circuits Society, Computer Society, EMBS, EDS / Smart Cities, Circuits and Systems Society, Education Society, Industrial Electronics Society, Professional Communication Society, Reliability Society, TEMS, HTB) to support cross OU knowledge sharing and public sensitisation in relation to how IEEE is supporting a number of key areas including:

  • IEEE Societies: Addressing Climate Change Challenges, 13 September
  • Public Safety Technologies and Climate Change, 14 September
  • Ethics, Labor and Democracy: Designing Impactful Tech for an Actively Inclusive Society, 15 September

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Professional Development Workshops

The IEEE ISTAS 2023 Programme incorporates three professional development workshops:

  1. IEEE Humanitarian Technology Board Best Practices on Technological Innovation based engagement with Local Communities, 13 September
  2. Indigenous Knowledge and Information Technology, 14 September
  3. Innovation Strategy Development and Implementation, 15 September

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Virtual Co-Located Workshop, 12 September

The Public Interest Technology (PIT) for Innovation in Global Development Workshop will take place as a virtual workshop on 12 September for 4 hours (Sydney, Australia (AEST): 20:00; London, UK (BST): 11:00; New York, USA (EDT)).