Organizing Committee

General Chairs

Atanas Gotchev, Tampere University, Finland

Dong Tian, InterDigital, USA

Technical Programme Chairs

Lead Technical Chair:

Gene Cheung, York University, Canada

Annamaria Mesaros, Tampere University, Finland

Mårten Sjöström, Mid Sweden University, Sweden

Giacomo Boracchi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Dan ZengShanghai University, China

IEEE SPS Liaison Chair

Ivan Bajić, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Keynote Chair

Christine Guillemot, INRIA, France

Special Sessions Chairs

Federica Battisti, University of Padua, Italy

Patrick Le Callet, University of Nantes, France

Demo / Industrial Chair

Sebastian Schwarz, Nokia Technologies, Germany

Grand Challenges Chair

Jiaying Liu, Peking University, China

Finance Chair

Sari Peltonen, Tampere University, Finland

Publication Chair

Joao Ascenso, University of Lisbon, Portugal

International Liaison Chair

Ricardo de Queiroz, University of Brazil, Brazil

Local Arrangements Chair

Sarianne Niemelä, Tampere University, Finland

Awards Chairs

Jörn Ostermann, University of Hannover, Germany

Thomas Maugey, INRIA, France

Advisory Committee Chair

Antonio Ortega, University of Southern California, USA