About Trondheim

Trondheim is a vibrant city with a small-town heart. Founded by the Vikings in 997, it was the first capital of Norway and occupies a relevant place in Norwegian history with several museums and historical places. Nidaros Cathedral is one of the main pilgrimage sites in North Europe.

Trondheim is considered Norway’s technology capital and hosts Norway’s largest university (NTNU) and Scandinavia’s largest private research organization (SINTEF), both having a clear technological focus. Several national and international tech companies have headquarters or offices in Trondheim, making it a very fertile environment for research and innovation. Among the most prolific technologies, it is worth mentioning those related to information and maritime domains.

Trondheim is also surrounded by breathtaking nature, with a very diverse collection of opportunities available at small distance (ranging from the fjord to the mountains). Temperatures in June are usually relatively mild (10°C-16°C). The city is characterized by a very cozy center, with many characteristic pedestrian small streets, ideal for shopping or just walk-&-relax. The music scene is very active all year, with concerts from international popular artists or smaller exhibitions from local musicians, plus several music festivals ranging from classical music to jazz and rock. Food is excellent and primarily based on local production. Several restaurants combine traditional and international cuisine, exploiting food from the sea, the countryside, and the mountains. Many restaurants have been awarded nationally and internationally. Food-street events are also regularly held in the city center.

Travel to Trondheim

Situated in central Norway, Trondheim is easily accessible whatever your choice of transportation. By plane you will land at Trondheim Airport at Værnes (32 km from the city). If you come by train you can relax and look at the unique Norwegian countryside. If you are coming from the south of Norway by car you can drive through the majestic Dovre Mountains. Another special way to visit Trondheim is by the coastal express which will give you a chance to experience Norway’s special and beautiful coast.

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