VISA Information

Citizens of countries that do not have an agreement with Norway, must have a visa to visit Norway. See list of countries that have agreements here .

Authors themselves are responsible to obtain visa to travel to Norway. Organizing committee will issue invitation letter to the authors, who requires obtaining visa. Authors must write an email to the General Chairs and the Technical Chairs explicitly indicating the requirement. It is highly important that authors/participants check with the Norwegian embassy in their home country for the required documentations and the invitation letter (if there is specific format or text requirement). It is also important to indicate/confirm about the mode of the invitation letter, e.g., (1) letter via email digitally signed, (2) letter via email – physically signed scan copy and (3) completely physical letter via post. For option 3, physical letter via post, author/participant will have to pay the actual postal fees. Postage charges vary from country to country hence, it will be communicated individually via email during the preparation of the invitation letter.

Please visit the following websites, which may be helpful for the visa process.