Author Registration

Each accepted paper must be covered by at least one non-student registration (SPS Member, IEEE Member, or non-Member) by May 20th, 2022, and one non-student registration can cover up to three papers. Also, non-student registrations include the social dinner with a concert on Wednesday, so students interested in joining the social events should register at a non-student rate. On Monday, there will be a welcoming event which is included with all types of registration.
In case of official travel restrictions (e.g. border closed, mandatory quarantine), a video upload is allowed as an alternative. Another option to be explored is asking a qualified colleague to present in person and represent the authors. In any case, a full registration is necessary by one of the authors to keep the paper in the conference proceedings.

Warning! Please check your junk folder after completing your registration. The confirmation email with payment details has been often filtered as spam.

Tutorial Registration

Tutorial registration is separate and gives access to all tutorials (held on Monday in 2 sessions with 3 parallel tutorials each).
We ask you to indicate 2 preferred tutorials in order to make a better split of the tutorials.
It is possible to register for the tutorials only without joining the rest of the workshop.

Non-Presented Paper (No-Show) Policy

Any accepted paper included in the final program is expected to have at least one author or qualified proxy present the paper in the assigned poster session and available for Q&A. Should this not be the case, the paper will not be published by IEEE on IEEE Xplore® or other public access forums. Conference organizers are required to collect attendance records and a list of any non-presented papers and submit to IEEE Signal Processing Society.
Exceptions to this policy will be made by the Technical Program Chair(s) of the conference only if there is evidence that the no-show occurred because of unanticipated events beyond the control of the authors, and every option available to the authors to present the paper was exhausted. The no-show authors may appeal the decision of the Technical Program Chair to the VP-Conferences.

Refund Policy
All registration fees covering a paper are non-refundable.

Registration Fees (1 NOK corresponds approximately to 0.1 EUR)

  • Advance SPS Member: NOK 6000,00
  • Advance IEEE Member: NOK 6500,00
  • Advance Non-Member: NOK 7500,00
  • Advance Student SPS Member: NOK 3250,00
  • Advance Student IEEE Member: NOK 3500,00
  • Advance Student Non-Member: NOK 4000,00
  • Advance Life Member: NOK 4000,00
  • Regular SPS Member: NOK 7000,00
  • Regular IEEE Member: NOK 7500,00
  • Regular Non-Member: NOK 8500,00
  • Regular Student SPS Member: NOK 4250,00
  • Regular Student IEEE Member: NOK 4500,00
  • Regular Student Non-Member: NOK 5000,00
  • Regular Life Member: NOK 5000,00
  • Low Income Economy Countries: NOK 2000,00
  • Tutorial Attendee: NOK 2500,00
  • Tutorial Student: NOK 1500,00
  • Low Income Economy Countries Tutorial: NOK 250,00


In case of problems with the registration, please write an email to:;;;