The School covers 6 days over two weeks and despite restrictions related to the health emergency from Covid-19, there is a quite high density of lectures and remote events. Due to the limitations imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the event will be online, with presentations from all over the world and from interesting locations in Sardinia.

The first day is dedicated to the clinical lectures. This event is open for free to anyone, but registration is required. Fill out the form.

During the next week (Monday to Friday), the lectures are more concentrated on the technologies and signal processing applied to the signal processing and interpretation. Lab experience will be organized to let the students practice with the tools presented during the lectures. The lectio magistralis by Prof. Gari Clifford (200 years of solicitude: Past sucesses and the future potential for fetal monitoring) will introduce the students to the world of fetal monitoring from an engineering perspective.

The Poster Session will take place in the last two days, where participants will present their posters in an on-line forum open to discussion. During the last day the winning poster will be awarded.

For the students requiring it, a final exam (multiple choice questions) will be set up in the very last day of the school. A certificate of attendance and the receipt of the payments will be also given to those who request them.

Each day will have a different opening, which we will reveal to you during the Summer School. Go to the page dedicated to “openings”.

Please, visit the Schedule page for the details about the program. If you want to register, visit the Registration page and read all the instructions for a correct registration.