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Full Professor, ENI of Gabes
National order of merit
Chair of LACONPRI Lab- ENI Gabes, www.conpri.tn
Founder of ATAN Association

Executive office of ASET Association and ATTNA Association
E-mail : ridha.benabdennour@enig.rnu.tn


Ridha BEN ABDENNOUR received his State Doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering from the National School of Engineers of Tunis-Tunisia, in 1996 and his PhD (Doctoral degree)in Automatic Control from Higher School of Technical Education in 1987. He is Professor in Automatic Control at the National School of Engineers of Gabes – Tunisia. He is the founder, and He was the Head of the Electrical Engineering Department and the Director of the High Institute of Technological Studies of Gabes. Ridha BEN ABDENNOUR is the Director of the Research Laboratory“Commande Numérique des Procédés Industriels”, he received the National order of merit, he is the founder and the honorary President of the Tunisian Association “Association Tunisienned’Automatique et de Numérisation”and he was also a member of the management of associations “Association des SpécialistesElectriciens deTunisie and Association Tunisienne des Techniques Numériques et de l’Automatique”. His research is on Identification, Multimodel&Multicontrol approaches, Neural Networks, Observers, Diagnosis, Sliding mode control, Numerical Control and Fuzzy supervision. He is the co-author of a book on Identification and Numerical Control of Industrial Processes, and he is the author of more than 400 publications. Ridha BEN ABDENNOUR participated in the organization of many Conferences, and he was member of some scientific committees of congresses.

Succinct CV

Personal Data


§ Date of Birth: 2-10-1957

§ Place of Birth: Douz ( Kébili ) – Tunisia

§ Address : National School of Engineers of Gabes, 6029 – Gabès

§ Nationality : Tunisian


§  State Doctoral degree (1996).

§  Doctor of Speciality « Ph. D. » in Automatic Control (1987).

§  Master of Science in Automatic Control (1982).

§  Bachelor of Technical Science and Certificate of Ability to Technical Teaching (1981) – Presidential Award.

Current Functions 

§  Professor in Electrical Engineering at the National School of Engineers of Gabes – Tunisia.

§  Director of Research Laboratory (Commande Numérique des Procédés Industriels : LR18ES49)

Administrative Functions

·      Director of Higher Institute of Technological Studies (2002-2005).

§  Founder & Head of Electrical Engineering Department (1990-1993).

§  Director of Research Laboratory

Various Activities

§  President and member of recruiting commission of Professors.

§  President and member of recruiting commission of Associate Professors.

§  Member on national commission of “LMD System” in applied sciences and Technology.

§  Member of national commission of external evaluation of universities institutions “CNE”.

§  Member of recruiting commission for technologists and technologists Professors…

§  President of Habilitation Ad-Hoc commission of the university of Gabes.

§  Co-founder “Pépinière d’entreprises “Gabes Promotech.”

§  Member on the Jury of Electrical Engineering Aggregation (1995-2002)

§  Founder, President and honour president of Tunisian association “Association Tunisienne d’Automatique et de Numérisation”.

§  Member of the management of association « Association des Spécialistes Electriciens de Tunisie ».

§  Founder and Co-President of Tunisian association « Association Tunisienne des Techniques Numériques et de l’Automatique””.


§  National Order of Merit (education & science) : 2003

§  Presidential Award (1981)

§  Certificate of appreciation on the occasion of teacher day organized by Municipality of Gabes  (1992)

§  Certificate of merit allocated by Municipality of Douz  (1997)

§  Certificate of merit allocated for scientific research activities (2005)

§  Certificate of merit allocated for associative activities, scientific and technologic research and diffusion of the numerical knowledge (2007)

§  Certificate of merit allocated for the organization of the first congress of “Essaimage” (2005).

Eductional Activities

§  Educational adviser in Electrical Engineering (1984)

§  Teaching in Electrical Engineering at :

–        National School of Engineers of Gabes « ENIG » (Since 1985)

–        School of Technical Teaching « ENSET »

–        National School of Engineers of Sfax « ENIS »

–        National School of Engineers of Monastir « ENIM »

–        National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology

Research Activities

§  Director of research Laboratory (Numerical Control for industrial Processes). Several research activities were conducted in collaboration with foreign research Laboratories. The main research topics can be described by the following key words:

Modelling, Identification, Numerical control, Adaptive Control, Predictive Control,  Supervision, Fuzzy logic, Neural Networks, Multi-model and Multi-control, Sliding mode and State Observation.

Advising activities

§  Thesis, Masters and senior projects for Engineers.

Training and Organization of scientific meetings

§  Research training (around 50).

§  President and Member of Scientific Committees.

§  President of Organizing Committees.

§  Editor of some proceedings. 


§  Book :

 BEN ABDNNOUR R., BORNE P., KSOURI M. & MSAHLI F. « Identification et Commande Numérique des Procédés Industriels », Collection Méthodes et Pratiques de l’Ingénieur, ISBN : 2-7108-0798-X Technip Edition, Paris, May 2001.

§  More than 400 papers in scientific journals and in international conferences.