ETHICS-2021 Papers

ETHICS-2021 Papers: Frameworks for Technology, Ethics, and CSR (Thursday October 28, 1 PM) Moderator: Jason Borenstein, Georgia Institute of Technology

Steven Kelts, Market Value(s): Is there room for social responsibility in the profitable tech company?

Justin Hess, Brent Jesiek, Andrew Whitehead, Andrew Katz and Donna Riley, Intersections between Ethics and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Engineering

John Coburn, Lessons learned from DuPont’s Role in PFOA Exposure

Theodore Lechterman, Ryan Jenkins, and Bradley Strawser, #StopHateForProfit and the Ethics of Boycotting by Corporations

ETHICS-2021 Papers: Ethics and Technology (Friday October 29, 9:15 AM) Moderator: Yvette Pearson, Old Dominion University

Azalea Yunus and Stacy Doore, Responsible use of agile robots in public spaces

Shalaleh Rismani and Ajung Moon, How do AI Systems fail Socially?: An Engineering Risk analysis Approach

Paul Siemers and Greg Adamson, Ontological Foundations of the Ethics of Technology
Alexis Fabricius, Privacy is a feminist issue: Reconsidering data sharing in menstrual self-tracking apps

ETHICS-2021 Papers: Engineering Ethics, Responsibility, and Industry (Friday October 29, 3 PM) Moderator: Mary Jane Parmentier, Arizona State University

Cindy Rottmann, Emily Moore, Andrea Chan and Dimpho Radebe, Who can I turn to? Engineers Navigating Ethical Dilemmas at Work

Jonathan Beever, Stephen Kuebler, Laurie A. Pinkert and Lakelyn Taylor, Faculty Perspectives on Frameworks of Responsibility in their Disciplines

Raquel Diaz-Sprague and Alan Sprague, Towards an Ethics in Action: App Design Challenge as a Tool in STEM Ethics Education

Jenifer Blacklock, Michael Vieregge, Jennifer DeBoer, and Holly Brunkal, Creating and Integrating an Ethics Bootcamp for Engineering and Business Students

ETHICS-2021 Papers: Innovative Methods for Engineering Ethics Education (Sunday October 31, 1PM) Moderator: Jonathan Beever, University of Central Florida

Diana Adela Martin and Gunter Bombaerts, Exploring ethical decision-making in group settings with real-life case studies

Alexandra Morrison and Charles Wallace, Iteration and inquiry: Toward a meaningful model of ethical engagement for engineering and computing students

Rebecca Bates, Robert Sleezer and Lin Chase, Infusion of Ethics in Undergraduate Engineering Education through Industry-Sponsored Projects

Luke Fernandez, The Role of the Emotions in Teaching Engineering Ethics