Tutorial 2: Visible Light Communication: An emerging technology for smart city and IoT application

Time: 8:00 – 10:45 (ET, New York), Monday, September 28

During the last decade, the demand for wireless network services has witnessed an explosive growth owing to the decrease in the cost of mobile electronic devices and increase in number of devices connected. Hence, it requires larger bandwidth wireless network to support more users simultaneously with lower latency and higher data rates for better user experience. Visible Light Communication (VLC) has emerged as a novel optical wireless communication technology with many unique characteristics, such as secure connection, license-free spectrum, data density, no electromagnetic interference, and thus show great potential to support smart city and IoT applications. This tutorial comprehensively presents the advances of VLC and Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) network technologies, discusses the progress in industrial adoptions and explores the opportunities for VLC in smart city applications.

This tutorial will provide an overview of the free-space and underwater VLC technologies and their impact to industry 4.0. The state-of-the-art device and system techniques for vehicular communication, smart factory, secured wireless network, digital ocean, and IoT networks will be discussed. The recent development of laser lighting and VLC system for outdoor intelligent infrastructure, smart traffic, underwater IoT applications will also be presented. The tutorial closes with a demonstration of laser white lighting and VLC system.


Chao Shen

Chao Shen

SaNoor Technologies Inc., Rochester, United States

Short bio:

Dr. Chao Shen is the CTO at SaNoor Technologies Inc. He has published 70+ peer-reviewed publications in the fields of optoelectronics devices and components, semiconductor lasers, visible light communications (VLC), LiFi devices and systems, laser lighting, underwater wireless optical communications (UWOC) and photonics integrated circuit. Dr. Shen has served as TPC member and invited speaker in many IEEE, OSA, and SPIE conferences. He was the associated editor of IEICE Electronics Express and reviewer for over 28 journals. Dr. Shen also published a book on the principle and applications of novel light-emitting devices for visible light communication. His work has been featured by over 40 global media, including Optics & Photonics News, IEEE Spectrum, Compound Semiconductor, SPIE Newsroom, EE Times Europe, Semiconductor Today, IET E&T, LaserFocusWorld, and Rochester Business Journal. In 2019, His innovation on laser VLC was awarded the Top 5 industrial automation technology by Nokia Bell Labs at NOIC. Dr. Shen received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from KAUST and his BSc in Materials Physics from Fudan University.