Best Paper Awards

Best Paper

As We Speak: Real-Time Visually Guided Speaker Separation and Localization

Best Paper Runner-Up

Accurate Human Pose Estimation using RF Signals

Best Paper-Honorable Mention

Nonlinear Multi-Model Reuse

Best Paper-Honorable Mention

Scalable Video Coding for Humans and Machines

Best Student Paper

Robust Metric Boosts Transfer

Best Student Paper Runner-Up

HF-Defend: Defending Against Adversarial Examples Based on Halftoning

Best Student Paper-Honorable Mention

Privacy-Preserving Student Learning with Differentially Private DataFree Distillation

Best Student Paper-Honorable Mention

Bilinear CNNs for Blind Quality Assessment of Fine-Grained Images

Best Demo

Long-term Visual Localization Using Illumination Insensitive Descriptors

Best Demo Runner-Up

A Motion Representation AI Based Video Conference Solution