Multimedia and Infrastructure Innovations in Web 3.0 Metaverse

With the rapid development of blockchain-based decentralized applications and human-computer interaction (HCI) techniques, the Web 3.0 Metaverse has attracted numerous attentions in both industry and academia recently, especially after Facebook changed its name to Meta. The unprecedented focus on and investment in the metaverse will speed up the development and breakthrough of related technologies, which will produce a series of open multimedia research questions on the Metaverse, including user-generated multimedia content, multimedia toolkits, NFT artwork, blockchain games, and visualizations for the ecosystem. In this special session, we would like to provide a venue for researchers in this area to publish their recent discoveries and outcomes in a timely manner.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Toolkits and systems for user-generated contents in metaverse applications
  • Incentive mechanism design for user-generated contents in metaverse applications
  • Artificial intelligence for user-generated contents and other aspects of the metaverse
  • Novel human-computer interaction/interface for metaverse systems
  • Innovations in NFTs and crypto artwork in the metaverse
  • Innovations in decentralized games design for the metaverse
  • Visualization for the metaverse ecosystem
  • Social network visualization and analysis for the metaverse ecosystem
  • Emerging multimedia applications and services in the metaverse
  • High-performance interactive multimedia infrastructure solutions to support metaverse
  • Other multimedia research topics that are closely related to Metaverse system

High-quality submissions with extension will be recommended to metaverse special issues in ACM TOMM or IEEE TCSS.

For authors:

1) Details at Call for Special Sessions
2) Paper templates and paper submission system at Instructions for Authors



Wei Cai

zikai wen

Zikai Alex Wen

haihan duan

Haihan Duan