Call For Papers

The 2022 IEEE PES/IAS PowerAfrica Conference (PAC 2022) will be hosted in Kigali, Rwanda by the Kigali Collaborative Research Centre (KCRC) from August 22 to 26, 2022. The conference theme is “Convergence of National and Off-Grid Systems: Roles of Renewables, Productive Use, and Electric Mobility”.

PowerAfrica is co-sponsored by the Power and Energy Society (PES), Industrial Applications Society (IAS) and endorsed by the IEEE Africa Council. Papers presented in the PowerAfrica conference are submitted to IEEE Xplore digital library.

PowerAfrica is the leading conference on the African continent focused on addressing its power and energy challenges. The conference provides a forum for researchers, engineers, policy makers and practitioners from Africa and beyond to share and discuss research findings, innovative ideas, emerging technologies and solutions to pressing challenges in the African energy sector. We invite researchers who work outside of the continent to come learn from the energy innovations emanating from Africa and share innovations and experience from other regions of the world.

Thematic Areas

Thematic Areas include (but papers are not limited to):

1. Harmonizing grid- and off-grid systems

  • Geospatial electrification planning
  • Grid integration of off-grid systems
  • Grid encroachment policy

2. Regional interconnection and renewables integration

  • National grid interconnection within and between regional African power pools
  • Integration of renewable energy into African power systems
  • Energy storage technologies for renewables integration

3. Nexus of electricity and other infrastructure systems

  • Integrated planning and operation of electricity, water, agriculture and other infrastructure systems
  • Complementarity of infrastructures and services in enabling socio-economic development such as productive use and social services
  • Climate change impacts and mitigation at the nexus of energy, water and agriculture

4. e-Mobility

  • Implications of electric vehicles on power systems
  • Innovative models for electrification of transport in Africa
  • e-Mobility and off-grid electrification

5. Data science applications to power systems in Africa

  • Applications of machine learning to study electricity systems
  • Predictive modeling for power system planning and operation
  • Applications of remote sensing techniques to power system planning and measurement

6. Global knowledge sharing and innovation on decentralized energy systems

  • Best practices, innovations and lessons learned in decentralized energy from Africa that the global community can learn from and adapt, and from the rest of the world that Africa can learn from and adapt
  • Reciprocal innovation between different regions of the world

Types of submissions

  1. Full papers: Full papers report on original research in full. Literature reviews relevant to the conference themes may also be considered. Full papers may be up to 5 pages in length following the IEEE conference paper format.
  2. Short papers: Short papers are limited to 3 pages in length and may present early or complete research results, case studies, best practices and perspectives relevant to the conference themes. Practitioners, policy makers and private sector actors are encouraged to use this as a venue to share best practices, case studies and perspectives from practice in the field.
  3. Postgraduate forum papers: Papers submitted to the postgraduate forum should follow the same guidelines as full papers. The postgraduate forum is designed to create an environment in which postgraduate students (or recent graduates), primarily at the masters and PhD level, can share their on-going research with peers and experienced researchers. The forum will be organized as a poster session however, high quality submissions to the postgraduate forum of more mature research will be considered for publication in IEEE Xplore.