Recommended Hotels

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Hotel name




Onomo hotels (This hotel is filled up)!
KN 1 Avenue Nyarugenge District, Kigali, Rwanda
The Country Inn Hotel
Kg 379 st, Kigali
Single Room is $70
Double Room is $80
Deluxe Room is $90
Executive Suite Room is $100
Civitas Hotel
24Q5+QJ5, KG 1 Ave, Kigali-Rwanda
Single Room: $50
Double Room: $60
Scheba Hotel
7 KN 6 Av, Kiyovu – Nyarugenge
Single room: $80
Twin room: $100
Azalean Inn hotel
Gisozi, 33M9+VHX, Kigali
Grand Legacy Hotel Single room: $100Double room: $140
Ndaru Luxury Suite by le Muguet
KG 519 St 2A
Single Room: $70
Deluxe Double Room: $80
Apartment: $180 (2 people)