We warmly invite you to ProComm 2019 at RWTH Aachen University

The IEEE International Professional Communication Conference (ProComm) 2019 will take place in Aachen (Germany) from July 23 to 26 and address professional communication in a digitalized world and all areas of communication in professional and technical contexts.
Check out our latest conference news:

That's it. #IEEE #ProComm2019 at #RWTH #Aachen University - the hottest conference of the year - is already over. Thanks for attending and safe travels home! https://t.co/u12yvPsw5a ProComm2019 photo

Our wonderful student assistants and volunteers. Thank you so much for all your support! #ProComm2019 https://t.co/LrpxXeO1Ta ProComm2019 photo

Probably the most amazing local arrangements chair ever. Thanks, Lea! #ProComm2019 https://t.co/dJPiY8YEjj ProComm2019 photo

Nadya Shalamova explaining how to master the digital advantage with smart presentation tools in an engineering senior design course. #ProComm2019 https://t.co/Gbur9p2h9e ProComm2019 photo

Yvonne Cleary reflecting on the discourse of component content management on technical communication practitioner blogs at #ProComm2019 https://t.co/en9j2pLTNS ProComm2019 photo

Sunny Bains at #Procomm2019 hosting a workshop on 'Teaching technical analysis and communication together' https://t.co/4zv96lkYt1 ProComm2019 photo

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