Social Events

ProComm 2019 will offer two main events for attendees to socialize and network (except from the breaks between sessions): In the evening of July 23 the conference is opening with a reception at the Forum M. In the evening of July 25 we are hosting a social event in the coronation hall of Aachen.

Forum M

Forum M


Glancing over historical roofs, next door to the Elisenbrunnen, Cathedral and Town Hall you can find Forum M. It offers an extensive view – especially from its roof terrace – and is the perfect place for a get-together before the conference starts.

Buchkremerstrasse 1-7
52062 Aachen

Dachterrasse Sommer 2
Foto Dachterrasse
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Coronation Hall

Coronation Hall

Social Event

Across from the cathedral you can find the town hall. The great Charlemagne (748-814) built a monumental palace, which became his center of power after he was crowned emperor in Rome. On one side of his palace you could find the “Marienkirche” which was later expanded and became the cathedral you can visit today. On the other side was the king’s hall. On the surface where it was once built, you can now find today´s town hall. Merely one tower of the original king´s hall is left and can still be viewed today.

Our social event will take place in one of the historic halls: The coronation hall. It is hard to imagine a more beautiful setting for festivities and because of this, we selected the coronation hall as place for our social event.

52062 Aachen

Foto: / Peter Hinschläger