REPP Committees

We invite you to contact any of our officers/volunteers.

General Chair: Richard Rao, Marvell Technology

Technical Program Chair: Przemyslaw Gromala, Bosch

Assistant Program Chair: Abhijit Dasgupta, University of Maryland

Plenary Speakers: Luu Nguyen, PsiQuantum

Asia Liaisons: Xueren Zhang, AMD, and Dr Pei-Haw Tsao, TSMC

Europe Liaisons: Willem van Driel, Signify/TU Delft, and Wilson Maia, Thales

Administrative Chair, Webmaster: Paul Wesling, HP (retired)

Technical Program Committee Members
    Xueren Zhang, AMD
    Gnyan Ramakrishna, Cisco
    Ranjan Rajoo, Globalfoundries
    Kathy Yan, TSMC
    Ninad Shahane, TI
    Vanessa Smet, GaTech
    Eric Ouyang, JCET Global
    Tiwei Wei, Purdue University
    Haohui Long, Huawei Technology
    Hualiang Shi, Lyft
    Wenhui Zhu, Central Southern University