Symposium on Reliability for Electronics and Photonics Packaging
Reliability, Failure Modes and Testing for Integration of Electronics and Photonics (SiPho)

9-10 November, 2022  at Texas Instruments, Santa Clara, CA USA

Note: REPP-2022 is a hybrid event, with both in-person and virtual participation via WebEx; make your choice during Registration.

Welcome to the third year of this new Symposium from the IEEE Electronics Packaging Society. This major Silicon Valley symposium will focus on quantified reliability, accelerated testing and probabilistic assessments of the useful lifetime of electronic, photonic, MEMS and MOEMS materials, assemblies, packages and systems in electronics and photonics packaging. This includes failure modes, mechanisms, testing schemes, accelerated testing, stress levels, and environmental stresses.
The intent is to bring together electrical, reliability, materials, mechanical, and computer engineers and applied scientists to address the state-of-the-art in all the interconnected fields of electronic and photonic packaging, with an emphasis on various reliability-related aspects: design-for-reliability, manufacturing, reliability modeling and accelerated testing.Free Pre-REPP Tutorial – register today: Reliability Physics and Failure Mechanisms in Electronics Packaging
Wednesday, 2 November, 8:00 – 10:00 AM (PDT) — Prof. Xuejun Fan, Lamar University

Invited Keynote Talks

Silicon Photonics Reliability Requirements for Datacom and Telecom Applications
Dr. Farnood Rezaie, Cisco Systems
Test technologies for Ensuring Quality and Reliability
Jeorge Hurtarte, Lam Research
Thermal and Failure Analysis of Advanced Microelectronic Devices
Dr. Andrew A. O. Tay, National University of Singapore
Interconnect Reliability: From the Chip to the System
Dr. Dongkai Shangguan, Indium Corp.
A Study of Thermal Analysis Modeling Method for Press-pack IGBT Modules Considering Contact Surface Damage
Dr. Tong An, Beijing Univ of Technology
Emerging Challenges on Thermal Modeling and Simulation for Advanced 3DIC Systems
Norman Chang, Ansys
Low-Temperature Solder Interconnect Performance, Stability, and Degradation Mechanism
Tae-Kyu Lee, Cisco


You may access videos and slides of many REPP presentations from REPP 2020 and REPP 2021.

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REPP Invitation

Confirmed Plenary Talks

Reliability Outlook and Challenges for Monolithic SiPh Applications from a Foundry Viewpoint
Dr. Byoung Woon Min, Deputy Director of Reliability Engineering, GlobalFoundries

Heterogeneous Integration: Packaging Opportunities and Challenges – A Reliability Perspective
Prof. Suresh Sitaraman, Georgia Institute of Technology

Reliability Challenges of Advanced Silicon Photonics Devices
Dr. Kristof Croes, imec

Additive Manufacturing Technologies for Custom-made Electronic Packaging – Processes and Reliability
Prof. Ricky Lee, HKUST