Advance Program

Thank you for your interest in the 2021 REPP. The Advance Program will be posted in early September; add your name and email address to our IEEE ListServ Dlist to hear more details.

We post below the Final Program (and slides/videos) from last year’s REPP 2020:

THURSDAY, November 12, 2020
8:30 AM (PT) Keynote Chair: Ephraim Suhir, Portland State University
8:30 – WELCOME: Prof. Chris Bailey, University of Greenwich & Electronics Packaging Society President
8:45 – Keynote: Reliability Challenges for the Aerospace Sector and the Use of Commercial Off-The-Shelf Components (COTS)
Chris Bailey, University of Greenwich, UK Download PDF(PDF of Slides) | Play Video
9:25 – Keynote: Electronics Quality and Reliability for Critical Applications that Adopt New Technologies and Designs,
Ravi Mahajan, Alan Lucero, Joe Walczyk, Intel Corp, USA Download PDF(PDF of Slides) | Play Video
10:20 AM (PT)
Session 1
Session Chair: Richard Rao, Inphi, & Chair, EPS TC on Reliability
10:20 – Reliability Requirements of Advanced Packaging in the Era of Electrified, Automated and Connected Driving,
Przemyslaw Gromala, Bosch, EU
10:55 – Improving the QFN Board Level Reliability using Low Melting LMPA-Q Solder,
Bart Vandevelde, IMEC, EU Download PDF(PDF of Slides) | Play Video
11:30 – Comprehensive Set of Validation Methods for Thermo-mechanical Simulations: Deformation, Stress, Lifetime, Remi Pantou, Rainer Dudek, Susana O. Richter-Trummer, Marcus Hildebrandt, Sven Rzepka, Fraunhofer ENAS, EU Download PDF(PDF of Slides) | Play Video
1:00 PM (PT) Keynote Chair: Gnyan Ramakrishna, Cisco Systems, & Chair, EPS TC on Photonics
1:00 – Keynote: Emerging Reliability Challenges: Solutions from Architecture to Layout for Large SoCs and 3DICs,
Norman Chang, ANSYS
1:50 – Keynote: Reliability Challenges for Electronics and Photonics Packaging for Deep Space,
Reza Ghaffarian, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA, USA Download PDF(PDF of Slides)
2:45 PM (PT)
Session 2
Session Chair: Xueren Zhang, Xilinx
2:45 – An Alternative Lead-Free Low Temperature Solder with Excellent Drop-Shock Resistance,
Hongwen Zhang, Samuel Lytwynec, Huaguang Wang, Jie Geng, Francis Mutuku, Ning-Cheng Lee, Indium Corporation, USA Download PDF(PDF of Slides) | Play Video
3:20 – Fan-Out Wafer Level and Panel Level Package Reliability Overview,
Darvin Edwards, Edwards’ Enterprise Consulting, LLC, USA
4:05 – New Results on Electromigration Modeling – A Departure from Blech’s Theory,
Prof. Xuejun Fan, Lamar University, USA
4:40 – Multi-physics Simulation of Cu Interconnect Electromigration for High-density Integrated Circuits,
Prof. Tianyu Bao and Shuye Zhang, Harbin Institute of Technology, Asia
FRIDAY, November 13, 2020
8:30 AM (PT) Keynote Chair: Paul Wesling, Hewlett-Packard (retired), & HI Roadmap Editor
8:30 – Keynote: Reliability Challenges in Advanced Packaging,
Prof. Subramanian S. Iyer, UCLA | Play Video
9:20 – Keynote: Silicon Photonics: State_Of_The_Art, Challenges, and Future Requirements,
Vipul Patel, Cisco Systems | Play Video
10:15 AM (PT)
Session 3
Session Chair: Gromala Jakub, Bosch
10:15 – Materials Data and Data Management for Electrical Device Design,
Prof Andrew Miller, David Cebon, Jean-Marc Lucatelli, Ansys Granta, UK | Play Video
10:50 – Load-Based in-situ Calculation of Remaining Useful Life of Packages at Board Level,
Daniel Riegel, Bosch, EU | Download PDF(PDF of Slides)
11:25 – Failure Modes in LED-based Systems,
Willem van Driel, Signify, EU | Play Video
1:00 PM (PT) Keynote Chair: Gnyan Ramakrishna, Cisco Systems, & Chair, EPS TC on Photonics
1:00 – Keynote: Highly Reliable Silicon Photonics DWDM Modules,
Ranjani Muthiah, Inphi Corp | Play Video
1:50 – Keynote: Evolution of Data Center Optics Packaging Technology and Reliability Challenges,
Omer Khayam, Ryohei Urata, and Hong Liu, Google, USA
2:45 PM (PT)
Session 4
Session Chair: Pei-Haw Tsao, TSMC
2:45 – Reliability Challenges in Advanced Packaging,
Kelly Morgan and Ashok Alagappan, Ansys, USA
3:20 – Influence of 0.05 wt.% Pr Addition on Thermal Shocking Reliability of Sn-0.3Ag-0.7Cu/Cu Solder Joint,
Peng Zhang, Prof Songbai Xue, Jianhao Wang, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Asia
3:55 – Thermal Mechanical Reliability of IGBT Power Electronics Packaging,
Prof Tong An, Beijing University of Technology, Asia Download PDF(PDF of Slides) | Play Video
4:30 – Reliability Modeling of the Board-Level Dropping of Ultra-Thin Packages,
Shu-Shen Yeh, P. Y. Lin, C. K. Hsu, Y. S. Lin, J. H. Wang, P. C. Lai, L. L. Liao, T. Y. Lee, C. H. Chen, M. C. Yew, S. K. Cheng, Shin-Puu Jeng, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Asia