Program for the 2021 REPP

OVERVIEW (full details further below)

Plenary Talks:
— “Random Failure Reduction: Strategy for Advanced Semiconductor Device Production”, Dr. Antai Xu, Xilinx
— “Do You Know What’s Hiding in Your Supply Chain?”, Dr. Kitty Pearsall, EPS President-Elect
— “Making Digital Twins Work”, Prof. Kouchi Zhang, U. Delft
— “Silicon Photonics: Integration, Reliability Challenges and Future Requirements”, Nan Wang, Cisco Systems

You many view on-demand videos of talks from REPP’20.

ADVANCE PROGRAM (dated 8 November 2021) – All times are PST (Pacific USA time)

Time (PST) Speaker Title/Summary
THURSDAY, 11 November 2021
7:45 AM Welcome: Kitty Pearsall, EPS President-Elect
8:00 AM Plenary Talk: Prof. Kouchi Zhang, University of Delft Making Digital Twins Work – Driven by the ever-increasing societal needs for digitization and intelligence, such as autonomous driving, Manufacture 4.0, “Smart-X”, and “AI in all”, the demands for mission-critical electronics components and systems … [more]
9:10 AM Richard Rao, Marvell Workshop: Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap: Reliability – 9:10: Intro (Richard Rao, EPS TC-Reliability Chair); 9:20: HIR Overview (Bill Chen, ASE, HIR Co-Chair); 9:40: Reliable Electronics/Photonics Integration (Bill Bottoms); 10:10: Modeling/Simulation (Prof. Xuejun Fan, Lamar Univ); 10:30: Ensuring Reliability (Prof. Abhijit Dasgupta, U-Md); 10:50: Q&A (Richard Rao)
11:10 AM – Noon Prof. Albert Wang, University of California, Riverside Invited Talk: Cross-Layer ESD Protection Designs: Chips, Packaging and Systems
1:00 PM Antai Xu, Senior Director of Reliability Engineering, Xilinx Plenary Talk: Random Failure Reduction: Strategy for Advanced Semiconductor Device Production – As Si processes enter nano and atomic scales, integrating semiconductor devices into SiPs has become an important technology to extend product roadmaps. On the center stage of this progress, product reliability performance provides a measuring criterion … [more]
2:00 PM Prof Hongbin Yu, Arizona State University Strain and Surface Warping Detection of Interconnect Microstructures via Laser Diffraction
2:40 PM Ephraim Suhir, Portland State University Avoiding Inelastic Strains in Solder Joint Interconnections of IC Packages
3:10 PM Dandan Lyu, Wei Hu, Xiaofei Pan, C. T. Wu, ANSYS Introduction of ISPG Method and Geometric Multiscale Modeling for Electronics Solder Reflow and Shock Wave Analysis
3:40 PM Jason Zhang, Intel Advanced Package Technologies and their Reliability Challenges
4:10 PM Jinsung Youn, HPE Co-Design Methodology for Reliable 3D-Integrated DWDM Silicon Photonics
4:40 PM Amogh Shejwal, ANSYS Analysis of Flexible PCBs: Trace Reinforcement Approach
Close: 5:10 PM
FRIDAY, 12 November 2021
7:45 AM Welcome to REPP: General Chair Gnyan Ramakrishna, Cisco; Program Chair Richard Rao, Marvell
8:00 AM Kitty Pearsall, EPS President-Elect Plenary Talk: Do You Know What’s Hiding in Your Supply Chain? – The electronics packaging industry electronics has shifted away from monolithic systems that were prevalent in the IT dominated space, to the consumer-focused realm where compute has become pervasive. This results in more complex supply chain dynamics. Key factors for this shift … [more]
9:00 AM Artemisia Tsiara, imec Reliability Group Invited Talk: Overview and Challenges of Silicon Photonics Device Reliability
10:00 AM Rainer Dudek, Fraunhofer ENAS Thermo-mechanical Analyses on Mounted Flip-Chip BGA Applicable in High Performance Vehicle Computers
10:30 AM Daniel Riegel, Bosch Correlation Between Delamination and Solder Joint Fatigue of QFN Ppackage
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Ning-Chen Lee, Indium Corp Tutorial: Achieving High Reliability for Lead-Free Solder Joints: Materials Considerations
1:00 PM Nan Wang, Cisco Systems Plenary Talk: Silicon Photonics: Integration, Reliability Challenges and Future Requirements – … [more]
2:10 PM Fen Chen, Cruise Invited Talk: In-Vehicle Display Technology Development and Challenges
3:00 PM Michael Liu, JCET Group Testing Heterogeneous Integration and Supply Chain Implications
3:30 PM Farid Soroush, Stanford University Micro Pillar Support Structure for Mechanical Reliability of Silicon Ultra-Thin Vapor Chambers
4:00 PM Prof. Tan Cher Ming, Chang Gung University Invited Talk: Degradation Mechanism of High Power LED Packaging in Outdoor Environment and its Acceleration Model
4:30 PM Prof Shuye Zhang, HIT Shear Performance and Accelerated Reliability of 6×6 mm2 FOWLP Solder Joints using an ENIG PCB Electrode
5:00 PM: Close of REPP