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PELS SYPS-2021 is the virtual International symposium for bringing out various PELS student members, young professionals (YPs), and technology enthusiasts into one platform to collaborate, learn, listen, interact, share ideas and participate in technical and non-technical PELS activities. It aims to provide the foundation to succeed as a leader in the power and electronics field. PELS SYPS’21 will be held on 27th, 28th, and 29th of March 2021, with the theme: Let’s Step Up to Transform.



Boosting up the students and young professionals to get to know more about the topics in track-1 which is all about energy and storage conversions. To build up their future we build a bridge that connects industry and academia with exceptional presentations about the industry and academia. Further helps in molding up your skills and possibilities of a career in the field of energy storage and conversation. The engaging part of this track is to bring out a networking session in which students can collaborate with people from industry and academia.

Here you’ll find a bag full of surprises with a motive to enrich and ignite the skills of the upcoming professionals. You’ll be served with vast knowledge on various power electronics research topics that aids you in identifying yourself with new ideologies and a step on to explore more about power electronics technology. Power electronics is not just for the traditional world but also for the digital revolution. This track emphasis to provide an opportunity to witness the aspects of leading minds in the industry and allows the student community to take the driver seat in technological enhancement integrated with electronics. It is specifically specialized to enhance you in power electronics and to ignite a flame in the rising minds of the future generation.

The track helps you to accelerate your development and provides you with opportunities to broaden the horizon of knowledge with various Industry Professionals. This initiative is procured so that the young professionals can network along with the industry leaders from various industries and can gain out the ideas and skills from them. This track makes an effort to create various job opportunities via the Virtual Job Fair where the young professionals can move along at ease. During the track progression, you’ll have several meets alongside Industry HR Specialists where you can address and clarify your doubts.

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