IEEE PELS Students Activity Committee 2021/22

The IEEE PELS Students committee was created in February of 2019 aiming to promote better activities for students and improve the networking activities between student chapters.Volunteers from many countries work to solve issues and make new activities to PELS student members and chapters worldwide.
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Call For Volunteers IEEE PELS Student Committee is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to be a part of their respective teams for the next tenure 2021/22. Positions open:
  • Design Team (Lead, Creative Designers, Content Writers)
  • Web Team (Lead, Webmaster)
  • Membership Development Team (Regional Student Representatives)
If you feel like the right individual to take responsibilities, click the link below to apply or send it across to a friend you think would love to be a part of our subcommittee. Please read the document which mention requirements to join the subcommittee, job descriptions of the positions and eligibility criteria through “More info” link. More info : We’ll get back to you if you stand out from the rest. Deadline to apply: Till the positions get fulfilled For further information reach: Renan Pillon Barcelos (Chair) – Randima Hasanthi –
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