Program at a Glance

July 14th 2021

StartEndProgram Item
09:30 AM09:45 AMConference Opening Remarks and Welcome
09:45 AM10:00 AMOverview of Technical Program
10:00 AM10:45 AMKeynote #1: Towards virtual product development in the automotive sector – opportunities and barriers
10:45 AM11:00 AMCoffee Break
11:00 AM12:45 PMSession #1: Optimisation and Automation Techniques in Power Electronics
12:45 PM01:45 PMLunch Break
01:45 PM02:50 PMPoster Session
02:50 PM03:05 PMCoffee Break
03:05 PM04:05 PM Panel Session on Standardization
04:05 PM04:10 PMClosing Remarks Day 1

July 15th 2021

StartEndProgram Item
09:00 AM09:15 AMDay 2 Opening Remarks and Welcome
09:15 AM09:35 AMTutorial on Artificial Intelligence in Power Electronics Q&A
09:35 AM10:00 AMShort Course: Measurements - Methods - Setups - Data
Essentials for Design Automation
10:00 AM10:15 AMCoffee Break
10:15 AM11:45 AMSession #2: Modelling of Power Electronics Components and Systems
11:45 AM12:00 PMCoffee Break
12:00 PM12:45 PMKeynote #2: From Product Thinking to System Understanding: How Pareto Fronts bridge the Gap in the Semiconductor Industry
12:45 PM01:45 PMLunch Break
01:45 PM03:30 PMSession #3: Advanced Algorithms, AI, Machine Learning and Cyber Security
03:30 PM03:45 PMCoffee Break
03:45 PM04:30 PMKeynote #3: Cyber Security in an Automotive World
04:30 PM04:35 PMClosing Remarks