Track SS1 - Multi-Energy Systems

Multi-Energy Systems to Facilitate Low-Carbon Energy Transition

  • Investigating the operations, planning, and economics of decarbonization pathways in reaching net-zero targets in multi-energy systems;
  • Development of control and management strategies for multi-energy systems to ensure stability and reliability;
  • Techno-economic analysis and feasibility studies of low-carbon multi-energy systems;
  • Mechanisms for further proliferation and integration of different energy resources in energy trans- active markets;
  • Policy and regulatory frameworks to support the development and deployment of low-carbon multi-energy systems;
  • Energy storage, P2X technologies, and management systems for multi-energy systems;
  • AI technologies applications that enable efficient data monitoring and operation of multi-energy systems.

Track SS2 - Mining Decarbonization

Energy Technologies for Mining Decarbonization

  • Advanced methane capture and utilization technologies;
  • Electrification of mining machines, processes and technologies;
  • Using more electricity and alternative forms of energy (e.g. hydrogen) in mining transport;
  • Integration of distributed and renewable energy sources (solar, wind, hydrogen) to support autonomous and semi-autonomous mining operations;
  • Mining microgrids and associated control strategies;
  • Energy storage and management systems for mining electricity supplies;
  • Improved security and resilience of autonomously powered mining systems;
  • Techno-economic analysis and feasibility studies of low-carbon mining operations;

Track SS3 - Energy Storage Integration

Advances in Energy Storage and their Integration with Power Electronics

  • Battery Energy Storage and their applications;
  • Next-generation Energy Storage Technologies;
  • Battery-Inverter Integration;
  • Multi-functional Power Electronics;
  • Power Electronics for Fast Charging;
  • Battery storage for DC Microgrids;
  • Power electronics for Solid-State Batteries;
  • Control algorithms for storage integration;
  • Battery storage for Grid forming inverters;
  • Battery Management System;
  • Efficient Energy Management

Track SS4 - Hydrogen Energy Production and Storage

Hydrogen Energy Production and Storage for Transportation and Grid Integration

  • Hydrogen energy storage systems;
  • Hydrogen production;
  • Hydrogen storage to support power grids;
  • Utilisation of hydrogen in transportation;
  • Materials for hydrogen energy conversion and storage;
  • Hydrogen embrittlement