Are you interested in #digitalprivacy and #socialmediaIEEE Consumer Technology Society and IEEE Future Directions are calling on speaker nominations from Silicon Valley-based companies and other stakeholders (government agencies, NfPs, #privacy and #security NGOs) for an eclectic program on 1 August 2022 at the Marriot Hotel (San Jose) on #design and #delivery. In person, virtual, pre-record (self) nominations welcome.

Digital Privacy in the context of Social Media is a burgeoning domain in every sense.

Are you an academic researcher specializing in this space?

Does your work in a government agency address the challenges from a regulatory perspective?

Do you work for a company that offers privacy-enhancing technologies to support social media?

Are you an employee of a social media company?

Do you volunteer your time in a non-government organization or not for profit with respect to issues related to privacy, informed consent, data breaches, data governance?

Are you interested in the intersection between society, policy and technology?

Another stakeholder? Citizen, media representative, R&D specialist, ethical hacker, other?

For nominations visit: