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August 1, Marriott Hotel, San Jose

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Pam Snively, Data & Trust

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Amazon Web Services

Kurt Kufeld, Vice President

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Google Cloud

Marc Crandall, Global Head of Privacy

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AI Workers

Darren Culbreath - The Prototype Company

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Christine T. Dee

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In My Mind - Social Obsession

Attitude Live

G. Pascal Zachary

The Case for Public Ownership of Twitter

Invited Speaker: Writer, Historian and Educator

City of San Jose

Albert Gehami

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The 2022 IEEE International Symposium on Digital Privacy and Social Media (ISDPSM 2022) with the theme “Applying Engineering Solutions to a Complex Set of Issues” will take place in Silicon Valley, San Jose, California, USA on August 1, 2022 at San Jose Marriott Hotel.
ISDPSM 2022 will bring together top professionals from industry, government, and academia from around the world. The ISDPSM 2022 will provide networking opportunities for participants to share ideas, trends, and experiences on the state-of-the-art and future direction of consumer technologies especially on digital privacy and social media. The ISDPSM 2022 will feature comprehensive high-quality technical and experiential presentations and mixed panels by high-profile keynotes from high tech industry experts (CEOs, CTOs, Industry Leaders, Well-known Speakers…etc.), government regulatory expert, and academia.
ISDPSM 2022 is a one-day symposium, with a highly focused and highly interactive mix of keynote speakers to surface the issues, discussion panels with a diverse group of stakeholders from government and industry, and individual presentations by providers of emerging technologies in encryption, artificial intelligence, big data mining, and statistical analysis. To fulfill the interactive goals of this event, we will go beyond the audience participation panel sessions by building in additional opportunities for informal networking during breaks and an evening social event cocktail party.
ISDPSM maintains that tradition of excellence in the consumer electronics and technologies space. Associating your brand with ISDPSM through patronage enhances your brand perception among a select group of the world’s top scientists, engineers, and executives. We also offer our Access-Plus packages that will allow you to sponsor a session reaching out to the many graduate students and early-career researchers in our audience.

Applying Engineering Solutions to a Complex Set of Issues

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IEEE 2089-2021

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IEEE 2089-2021 Age Appropriate Digital Services for Children

Want to design better digital services for children? Why not learn more about IEEE 2089-2021? Compare the set of activities identified in the IEEE Standard to the way you do things in your organization. Might there be areas for improvement through more diverse stakeholder consultation? Learn more by viewing IEEE 2089 online.

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