Long Title: Coolabilities and Digital Privacy co-advocate to reveal wild new futures, connections, and opportunities for all on the neurodivergent spectrum

Speaker: Cyndi Coon

Affiliation: CEO, Laboratory5, Inc.

Other Affiliations: Threatcasting Lab, Arizona State University / Applied Futures Lab / People Centered Internet (PCI) Board of Directors

Digital privacy is often used in contexts that promote advocacy on behalf of individuals. In this same vein, Coolabilities* is a term used to promote advocacy on behalf of individuals who are gifted with enhanced abilities and strengths that co-occur with disabling conditions, such as Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, OCD, Tourette and more. What if we looked at digital privacy through these different and unique lenses that Coolabilities can offer – creating wild new possibilities, connections, and opportunities for all on the neurodivergent spectrum. This opens up the field of ideas, talent, and enterprise to those formerly excluded.


Cyndi Coon is the Founder and CEO of Laboratory5 Inc. where she is an ecosystem producer, writer, speaker, facilitator and trainer for government agencies, military, higher education, NGOs and nonprofits. She is a subject matter expert in information shaping, Futurecasting and Threatcasting. Cyndi Coon serves as the Producing Director at Applied Futures Lab, Chief of Staff at the Threatcasting Lab, Producing Director at the Weaponized Narrative Initiative. She is on the board of directors People Centered Internet. Cyndi is the co-author of Threatcasting (Morgan & Claypool 2022) and the author of Thrive! Creative’s Guidebook to Professional Tenacity (Cognella, 2019). She is a speaker on the topics of Coolabilities, human ecosystems, inclusion, information shaping, Threatcasting, Futurecasting, Science Futures, and Creative Entrepreneurship. She has decades of experience as a facilitator and speaker.